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Presentation Description Cheap web design will only be cheap if your site generates visitors and traffic.Website design can be expensive if the focus is on design and not commercial considerations such as getting new business,new customers or new clients to your small business offering.


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Website design essentials : 

Website design essentials Cheap web design

Why you need a website for your business? : 

Telephone books and Golden Pages directories a thing of the past Nowadays..people search online for goods and services In short, they “Google” it Why you need a website for your business?

No website? : 

You are losing potential sales You don’t appear professional You are losing the opportunity to build your brand No website?

Good web design : 

Doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive Make sure not to fall in love with “design” Your focus should be on your business and.. Attracting visitors Good web design

Website traffic : 

Website traffic does not rely on great design What matters is great content The type of content that your potential market is searching for ..back to “Googling” again  Website traffic

Website building budget : 

Your budget spend should be focused on a website that gets traffic Not fancy design, gizmos or gadgets Make sure to discuss this with your web designer Be clear in what you want Website building budget

Cheap web design : 

Cheap web design will only be cheap if you get traffic Be aware of being “penny wise and pound foolish” A small number of web designers know how to generate a lot of traffic Most don’t as their focus is on design You need to be clear in your choice Cheap web design

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