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Swamaitcs Blowers can offer a scope of dry vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump to suit a wide ... Vacuum System ... Dry vacuum pump work on the principle of NO OIL/NO WATER and are the newest development in the pump industry. Visit ; www.swamatics.com


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Swam Pneumatics Private Limited:

Swam Pneumatics Private Limited Leader in Process Air & Gas Application www.swamatics.com

Engineering & Design:

Engineering &  Design Swam offers a complete Turn Key service from concept, engineering and design, All the way to manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of various blower and vacuum applications. Swams engineering and design team are fully qualified and skilled as Mechanical engineers, process engineers including hazardous chemicals and gases, electrical, instrumentation and control systems.  Incorporate appropriate health criteria and factors into business decisions as well as selection and placement of personnel at appropriate levels and assigning the responsibility thereof.  Provide & maintain safe and healthy work place through operational procedures, safe systems and method of work. Our team is also fully conversant with the many international standards, such as ISO, BSi , API, CE, Ex and Mining just to mention a few.Swam prides itself by listening to you the customer, we work with you in the development of the best and most efficient system, which will not only do the job, but will perform for many years. As engineering manufacture Swam is very adaptable, with regard, to materials, suitability / compatibility, both for the process and the environment. www.swamatics.com


HEALTH & SAFTEY POLICY Swams biggest asset is its employees, their health and safety is paramount. Swam has a policy of “Zero Accidents” SWAM firmly believes that Safety is an essential and integral part of each and every activity at Swam.  Therefore all work is carried out with care, giving due consideration to safety which is not compromised under any circumstances. Accidents and risk to health are preventable through continual improvement in the working environment and the involvement of all employees insuring that “Safety Matters ”. A Safe, Healthy and Accident Free Work Place That complies with the requirement of all relevant statutory, regulatory requirements.  Incorporate appropriate health criteria and factors into business decisions as well as selection and placement of personnel at appropriate levels and assigning the responsibility thereof. Provide and maintain safe and healthy work place through operational procedures, safe systems and method of work Develop safety awareness to protect all employees from foreseeable work hazards.  Provide appropriate level of training and support to management and employees to ensure that they are able to fulfil Health and Safety Responsibilities. Work with major suppliers, contractors and customers to facilitate their Health and Safety performance improvement and also make it obligatory for them to follow Swams plant safety, procedures, systems and safe practices. Conduct audits and mock drills on site to ensure that operations are in compliance with Health and Safety Management requirement and for emergency preparedness. Ensure that appropriate resources are available to fully implement Health and Safety Policy’s. To continuously review the policy's relevance with respect best business practices and to maintain and exceed any legal and business obligations. www.swamatics.com


ROTARY PISTON BLOWERS (TWIN AND TRI-LOBE DESIGN ) Economical and ideal for pneumatic conveying,blending and fluidizing of powdered or granular materials and aeration of liquids.The flow capacities upto 65,000 CMH and pressures upto 1.1 kg/cm 2 . The blowers for high suction pressures are with mechanical seals and pressurized lubrication and other design change . www.swamatics.com


CENTRIFUGAL FANS AND BLOWERS Static pressure  upto 1800  mmwg  in single stage,Higher static pressure by multi-staging. ID / FD FANS Suitable for positive conveying and negative suction . Manufatured out of special materials for Gas conveying and fitted with Mechanical & Semi-mechanical seals . Capacity :   Upto 400000 M 3 /Hr., Pressure :   Upto 2100 mm WC in single stage www.swamatics.com


PROCESS GAS BLOWERS/GAS BOOSTERS Gas boosters are used for circulation of gases for chemical processes. The gases handled are Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Biogas, Carbon-Di-Oxide, Methane, Mixed Gas, BF Gas, Coke Oven Gas etc. The boosters are fitted with improved sealing system to make it leak-proof. The mechanical seals are fitted, if application so warrants. The construction materials are special, depending upon the nature of gas. www.swamatics.com


VACUUM PUMPS WITH SECONDARY SUCTION/AIR INJECTION For negative suction, the pumps are ideally suited for processes requiring medium vacuums such as degassing, exhausting and pneumatic conveying. Pumps with secondary cooling ( MHV series ) develop vacuum upto 8000 mmwg . The operation is completely dry. (Can also be used as Truck Blower Application ). www.swamatics.com


TRUCK BLOWERS Swam bulk vehicle truck blowers have been specifically designed to meet the operating requirements of bulk and silo vehicles in the generation of pressure and vacuum needed for the pneumatic loading and unloading of these. www.swamatics.com


BIO GAS BLOWERS/COMPRESSORS Available in wide range with pressure upto 4.0 bar ‘g’ and flew upto 20,000 m3 / hr. in various combination. These are either root type blower / compressor. Sliding Vane Type Compressor and Centrifugal Gas Blower depending upon pressure. www.swamatics.com

Contact Us:

Contact Us Address Info C-2,SECTOR-3,NOIDA-201301,(U.P.) INDIA.  Telephone: +91-120 - 469 6222 FAX: +91-120 - 244 3282 E-mail:  sales@swamatics.com Website:  www.swamatics.com www.swamatics.com

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