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In this powerpoint presentation we are going to learn about what is Node.JS development, need of Node.JS development and Hire Node.JS Developer For More Details, Contact Us: +91 9711621550


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Node JS Development Services - AResourcepool:

Node JS Development Services - AResourcepool Submitted By – AResourcepool +91 9711621550

What is Node JS?:

What is Node JS? Node.JS is an open source development platform to develop scalable and event driven applications. Node.JS is server side script. Node.JS was created by Ryan Dahl Node.JS applications are written in Java Script and can be run within the Node.js runtime on OSX, Microsoft, Windows and Linux Node JS is cross platform runtime environment for developing server side and networking applications.

Functionalities of Node Package Manager (NPM):

Functionalities of Node Package Manager (NPM) Online repositories for node.js packages or modules. Command line utility to install node.js packages.

Need to Use Node.JS:

Need to Use Node.JS There are following reason to use Node.JS Development: 1- Non Blocking I/O 2-V8 Javascript Engine 3-Single Thread with event loop 4- 40,025 modules 5-Windows, Linux, Mac 6- One language for Frontend and Backend 7- Active Community

Node JS vs Apache:

Node JS vs Apache There are various reasons of using Node JS over Apache: 1- It is fast. 2-It can handle tons of concurrent requests easily. 3- In Node JS, you can use same code on both client and server side.

Hire Node.JS Developer:

Hire Node.JS Developer Do you want to hire Node.JS developer for project development? AResourcepool offers Node.JS experts at best prices who help to finish projects from start to end. Hire Node.JS developer for web application development Build Real time and data streaming applications by with the help of Node JS Developers.

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