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Play crossword puzzle games like Wealth Words and find out yourself. It doesn’t only serve as a food for your brain, but also for your pocket becouse Wealth Words, not only you can sharpen your mental skills but, also win money with crosswords. Click on:-


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WHY YOU PLAY CROSSWORD PUZZLE GAMES WITH WEALTH WORDS While people get high on drinks you know what I get high on Words Call me insane or anything you want but that’s what makes me high and of course happy too. Wondering how can words have such an effect Play crossword puzzle games like Wealth Words and find out yourself. It doesn’t only serve as a food for your brain but also for your pocket. Sounds impossible But it’s not With Wealth Words not only you can sharpen your mental skills but also win money with crosswords.

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BEST PART OF THIS CROSSWORD PUZZLE GAME The best part of this crossword puzzle game is Well you can play it anywhere and anytime. You just need to have a smartphone tablet or laptop with a good internet connection and you can instantly register on its website along with purchasing a few tokens 2 each.  Yes tokens are necessary for playing this crossword puzzle game. You can either purchase a single token or a token package whichever suits you the best. But don’t take it as an expenditure it’s more like an investment which lets you win money with crosswords. And trust me once you start winning cash prizes these tokens would seem worth all the price you gave.

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SUPER WORD PUZZLE CASH PRIZES From division 1 division 2 to super word puzzle cash prizes there is a huge amount of money that you can win through Wealth Words if you get all the puzzles correct. While division 1 cash prizes are meant for the players who have all the 20 puzzles correct division 2 cash prizes are for the players with second highest correct answers. Moreover as the name itself suggests super word puzzles of Wealth Words have a greater pool of cash prizes given to players with all the 25 puzzles correct. Hence you see how anyone and everyone has a chance to win here

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CUES AND CLUES All you need to do is pay attention to the cues and clues given while solving the puzzles and submit your answers in the active time frame of one hour to be in the race of winning the cash prizes. Though you can always pause the game and come back later to complete it. Yes it’s that convenient.

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VOCABULARY AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS Wealth Words had definitely turned me into a crossword aficionado. From serving as a major stress buster to helping me enhance my vocabulary and communication skills it certainly has made my brain more active thereby boosting my confidence to an altogether new level.

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So why not dive in this enticing world of words and earn a few bucks After all an extra dose of cash in your bank account would certainly make you feel good wouldn’t it Your brain and bank account both would be happy trust me C o p y r i g h t © W e a l t h W o r d s 2 0 1 8 .

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