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It is advisable to hire a skilled and experience ecommerce web Development Company like WDI to know the right edition for your ecommerce website. Know More Visit:


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Benefits Of using Magento For Your eCommerce Website ------------------ Website Developers India


Benefits Of using Magento For Your eCommerce Website Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms. According to a report in 2016, Magento has 29.1% of the market value in the industry. The platform is the leading ecommerce platform with numerous benefits like seamless production management, support for currencies and languages, fast loading web pages, easy shopping cart system, 3rd party integration, secure and multiple payment gateways and so on. Choosing Magento is a wise decision to join top brands that are already using the ecommerce platform. There are a lot of top online stores using the platform, for example, the ford uses Magento for its vehicle accessory store, Fox Connect and Nike (Australia store) and so on use the platform for their ecommerce stores. There are different Magento editions to reflect the distinction and uniqueness of each online store for suitability. The editions are Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The right and suitable edition for your ecommerce website depend on your budgets, size of your store, your long-time plans and so on. For instance, Enterprise Edition provides functions such as standard and advanced payment security, suitability for large ecommerce website and so on. It is advisable to hire a skilled and experience eCommerce Web Development Company like WDI to know the right edition for your ecommerce website.


The ecommerce platform has countless benefits for the development of your ecommerce website. The following benefits are just a tip of the iceberg. Easy Installation One of the reasons for continues leading of Magento in the industry is the seamlessness and easy installation of the platform. The installation processes only take a couple of minutes with a dedicated website developer. Mobile Friendly The platform's design is for a better friendly mobile users’ experience. The platform has identified the relevance of the smartphone in online shopping, and one of the ways to have more sales is by building a platform that is friendly to mobile users.


Fast Loading Pages The report on online shopping cart abandonment is heartrending. And surveys have identified slow page-loading as one of the factors of online shopping cart abandonment. By adopting this platform, your ecommerce website will load faster. Moreover, having faster loading contributes to the excellent user experience. The manageable shopping cart system It has been stated above about prevalent online shopping cart abandonment, so benefiting from the easy shopping cart system of this platform will contribute in endless ways in the prevention of online shopping cart abandonment.


Seamless Production management One of the features of Magento ecommerce platform is the opportunity for easy management of products on your ecommerce website. The platform provides the feature to insert, change or edit the product details like price, shipping methods, product descriptions and so on your ecommerce website without any difficulties. Multiple currency and Language Only a few ecommerce platforms support all world currencies. They only support primary currency in the world like Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yuen and so on. Magento supports multiple currencies in the world. This feature makes the platform the most suitable ecommerce platform for local and international oriented online stores. The support for various languages is another essential benefit of using the ecommerce platform.


Secure and Multiple Payment Gateways Adopting this ecommerce platform will provide your ecommerce website with up to 50 different payment gateways on your ecommerce website. All the transaction and products details are secured and protected on the platform. Third Party Integration Aside from the availability of the unique customization options, the platform also allows the integration of third-party features to suit your preferences. It is advisable to hire dedicated PHP developer and eCommerce Web Development Company like WDI to proffer directions on the necessary element on your ecommerce website.


However, adopting this platform will benefit your ecommerce website in immeasurable ways. The problem of online cart abandonment will reduce as this platform will provide flexible shopping cart system, secure and multiple payment gateways for the shoppers, the stress-free process of managing the products details on your ecommerce website and so on. The process of adopting this platform can be stressful if you have little or no knowledge of website development; hence it is essential to hire skilled and qualified ecommerce website Development Company like Website Developers India (WDI) to have a desirable result and optimum benefits from the platform. A leading ecommerce website Development company like WDI has the current skills and knowledge, experience and remarkable reputation to develop your ecommerce websites.

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