Unit 8 - Practical Success Coach

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The Practical Success Coach The End Game! It is not how you start the game, it is how you finish it! Bring it home in style! Reflections on teaching! 57 and counting towards graduation!


The Practical Success Coach Stanley Kaplan, again! I had to keep students interested, keep them learning, keep them laughing, and --- above all --- build their confidence that they could succeed... I used everything imaginable to stimulate the students --- arguing, joking, teasing, cajoling, listening, deciphering, and probing. I dug deep into my bag of tricks and pulled out mnemonic devices…, flash cards, scrawled blackboard diagrams, and flailing animated gestures. Stanley Kaplan, Test Pilot, page 37


The Practical Success Coach Day 57! “In education and in life we are all faced with challenges.  There are different ways that you can respond to those challenges.  I like to pursue things using all the gifts that God gave me.  Getting an A isn't just about getting the letter grade.  It is knowing that I worked hard and aimed to be the best "ME" I could be and made it.” ---- Former Student of mine on the eve of graduating

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