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Critical Multicultural EducationDiversity, Power, KnowledgeEvents and beliefs that led to Multicultural Education : 

Critical Multicultural EducationDiversity, Power, KnowledgeEvents and beliefs that led to Multicultural Education

What is Multiculturalism? : 

What is Multiculturalism? Multiculturalism can be explained in many ways. “In the United States, multiculturalism is a social and political movement and position that holds groups to be a potential source of strength and renewal rather than of strife.”

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“It values the diverse perspectives people develop and maintain through varieties of experience and background stemming from racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation and/or class differences in our society.” Multiculturalism “strives to uphold the ideals of equality, equity and freedom on which the United States is based, and includes respect for individuals and groups as a principle fundamental to the success and growth of our country.”

What is the goal of multicultural education? : 

What is the goal of multicultural education? Help students understand and appreciate cultural differences and similarities Recognize accomplishments of diverse ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups Hopes to transform the ways in which students are instructed by giving equal attention to the contributions of all the groups in a society Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health: Multicultural Education/Curriculum

The History of Multicultural Education? : 

The History of Multicultural Education? Multiculturalism can be traced as far back as the 1960s during the civil rights movement. African American people fought for equality and our society moved towards a more positive and inclusive environment. This was not an easy process and the change did not happen overnight.

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This movement started spreading towards equal rights among other ethnic groups and the women’s right movement. By the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s the beliefs of multicultural education began to appear. By the 80’s a lot of research had been done on the subject.

The Movements That geared Us Towards Multicultural Education : 

The Movements That geared Us Towards Multicultural Education 1. Intercultural Movement 2. Intergroup Movement 3. Civil Rights Movement 4. Ethnic Study Movement

Intercultural Education Movement : 

Intercultural Education Movement Began in the 1930’s and ended in the 1950’s Goal: “To make the American creed and the values ascribed within- such as freedom, justice, and equality-meaningful and real for immigrants while teaching them the importance of giving complete allegiance to their new homeland” During this time, “schools, settlement houses, and newspapers published in the immigrants native language” were used to help the transition into becoming Americans.

Intergroup Education Movement : 

Intergroup Education Movement Began in the 1940s Started when World War II ended and when the Cold War began It looked at race and the difficulties that many people of color were dealing with. During this time the term “assimilation” was viewed differently. People wondered if this took away from “cultural identity” . Programs were developed to help reduce prejudice among different groups of people.

Civil Rights Movement : 

Civil Rights Movement From 1955 to 1965 “consisted of the actions taken by several marginalized groups to gain equality and equity” The civil rights movement fought against segregation It is said that multicultural education came about because of the civil rights movement

Ethnic Studies Movement : 

Ethnic Studies Movement Came after the Civil Rights Movement It led towards multicultural education as well Members of different groups wanted equality and equity “ Ethnic studies advocates argued that education policy and practices that are more inclusive were needed. For instance, they sought the replacement of the primacy of whiteness in textbook content and illustrations and an increased accuracy in reporting the history and culture of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos”

What were schools like before multicultural education emerged? : 

What were schools like before multicultural education emerged? School curriculums were focused on white superiority. Textbooks were about “white” history and all their accomplishments Diversity was not part of the educational environment There were segregated schools Minority role models were not included in the curriculum There was a “policy of assimilating minority groups into the melting pot of dominant American culture” (Sobol,1990) Our educational system did not encourage and accept the differences, similarities, and overall diversity that many cultures bring to the United States

Multicultural Education and Language : 

Multicultural Education and Language There were many inequalities in the school system An area that began to get attention was the lack of language resources for students that did not speak English English language learners were not receiving services at school that would help them acquire the skills of the English language This form of discrimination lead to a change in our educational system

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