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Electric Immersion Heaters are used for the heating of liquids like crude oil that are stored in tanks for petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, process industries and chemical industries.


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Industrial Oil Heaters:

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Industrial Oil Heaters:

Industrial Oil Heaters In our competitive global marketplace, maintaining a wide variety of top-notch industrial oil heaters is an essential aspect of our business. Whether you need flanged heaters, circulation heaters, over the side heaters, screw plug heaters, or incline heaters, Wattco has the solution. We also have the ability to make that solution more cost-effective by developing customized waste oil heaters. Waste oil heaters create a purpose for used oil that would normally be disposed at an expense to your business. It reduces manufacturing costs and it is better for the environment. Wattco specializes in producing superior industrial heaters and waste oil heaters at the most affordable price.

Waste Oil Heaters:

Waste Oil Heaters Waste oil was initially believed to be an unnecessary synthetic by-product that needed to be disposed at the expense of the manufacturer. It comes from industrial lubricating oils, vegetables waste , automobile engines, and various other free sources of oil. Removing waste oil results in heavy disposal charges. Companies are required to pay expensive environment fees. Waste oil can be a free source of heat. Using waste oil will reduce operational expenses. Recycled oil can be used for furnace fuel, aluminum rolling oil, motor oil, and for keeping various parts lubricated.

Electric Oil Heaters:

Electric Oil Heaters Burning waste oil will not require expensive equipment or a time-consuming process. There are many different inexpensive fuel oil heaters that can be used for waste oil burning and heating the oil can be accomplished in a single step using an  electric oil heater. Immersion heaters and circulation heaters (in-line heaters)  can be used as a waste oil heater. A circulation heater is often recommended for oil application in the manufacturing industry. The circulation maintains the oil viscosity, causing the liquid output from the heater to flow continuously through a process pipeline. This type of fuel oil heater will increase the temperature of the fluid the mobility of the liquid due to the circulation flow.

Circulation Oil Heaters (1):

Circulation Oil Heaters (1) A circulation waste oil heater is comprised of a cylindrical sheath surrounding a flange immersion heater that has a nozzle for fuel input and output. The fluid goes into the  oil heater  through a nozzle and then heated inside the processing pipeline. The heating process starts from the resistor heat dissipation and the heat dispenses around the surface of the heating elements tubes, which are held in place using a steel flange. The heating elements quickly raise the temperature of the oil because of the direct heat. The heat will be evenly spread throughout the complete fuel oil heater. Insulation around the steel casing is used to prevent heat loss and to transfer the maximum heat for the circulating oil.

Circulation Oil Heaters (2):

Circulation Oil Heaters (2) A single flange immersion heater is generally recommended for smaller scale or stationary waste oil heating. The heating process is the same as the circulation heater, but it doesn’t require a steel sheath. T he storage tank containing the oil is directly heated using the immersion heater. Oil Heaters will: Save time Save money Save the environment The waste oil heaters you choose can also be customized to suit the material and shape required by the desired application. The technical consultants at WATTCO™ are always available to help clients select the most appropriate waste oil heater for the specific application.

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In Closing The team at Wattco puts forth a great deal of effort into retaining our position as innovation leader in the heating industry. Our focus is on quality and progress, and we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the best heating solutions for their respective fields. There are a numerous options to consider when sourcing the proper heating solution for your given industry and this is just a glimpse into the technology that we have to offer. You can learn more about oil heaters and our other manufacturing solutions by visiting our website at www.wattco.com.

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Contact Us Since the day it was established in 1969 , Wattco has supplied superior, electric heating products to an extensive variety of industrial customers. Our products include water heater elements, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, and money-saving waste oil heaters. Beyond our low prices and cost-effective solutions, Wattco is also proud to offer a solid price guarantee. Our main concern is creating lasting customer relationships, which is why we provide a comprehensive and accurate quote on all products within an hour. We offer our clients helpful customer service and the fastest turnaround time in the industrial heater industry. Please feel free to contact us at 800-4-WATTCO or 800-492-8826  

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