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Ancient China Government :

Ancient China Government By Kevin Tan

Ancient China’s Dynasties :

Ancient China’s Dynasties Ancient China had seven primary dynasties. A dynasty consists of numerous leaders who belong to the same ruling family. The first Ancient Chinese dynasty was the Shang, which survived for about four hundred years from 1500s BC to 1100s BC. Ancient China had other dynasties too. As mentioned before there were seven main dynasties which were the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing. The Qin lasted for fourteen years, Han for four hundred twenty-six years, Tang for two hundred ninety years, Song for three hundred nineteen years, Yuan for eighty nine years, Ming for two hundred seventy-six years, and Qing for two hundred sixty seven years. These seven main dynasties lasted for a total of one thousand six hundred eighty one years. Within these Ancient Chinese dynasties rulers were called emperors.

Ancient China’s Emperors :

Ancient China’s Emperors Emperors lived in the upper class of Ancient China’s distinctive class system. They wore the finest clothes made out of silk. Emperors had a great deal of power, and some rulers abused that power, like Shi Huangdi. Shi Huangdi demanded that everyone should have the same beliefs he had. He burnt books that disagreed with his religion. Although Shi Huangdi abused his powers not all emperors did. Some emperors increased trade, and as a result their civilization flourished.

Ancient China Trade:

Ancient China Trade Trade was a gigantic part of Ancient China. During the Tang and Song dynasties trade was especially popular. Unexplored sea routes opened that linked China to other countries. Using these routes China traded with Korea, Southwest Asia, India, and Japan. China’s main exports were salt, iron, fish, cattle, and the most treasured trade good, silk. China imported plants, glass, wool, and precious stones like gold and silver. All this trading with other countries established a strong economy, and China grew in wealth.

Ancient China’s Currency :

Ancient China’s Currency The Chinese initial form of money were coins called Cowrie shells. When the Chinese wealth started rapidly increasing as a result of trade, the Chinese began to dislike transporting an enormous amount of shells. Soon, they developed paper money. Chinese paper money was developed during the Song dynasty in the 900s. This was the world’s first system of paper money, and it was one of Ancient China’s greatest advancements.

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