Fun Pool Games For Kids This Summer


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In summertime swimming pool games make the water more fun for kids! On this presentation, we have listed some pool games that the kids will like. Watersafe pool games are a great way to help kids learn to swim.


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Kids Games To Play In Swimming Pool:

Kids Games To Play In Swimming Pool


Summertime is a perfect time to play in the water. Water games are fun for every age and perfect for hot summer days, picnics, and camp – any outdoor activity.

Macro Polo:

Macro Polo Choose one person to become “Marco”. That player will be blindfolded, and try to tag the rest of the participants in the pool. To locate other people, he should yell out “Marco!” while the others must respond “Polo!”. The first person to be tagged will be the new Marco.

Diving for Treasure:

Diving for Treasure This is a great game for kids with goggles. The concept is simple: Choose a small, non-floating object and toss it into the pool. Have the kids race to locate the object and pick it up first. The child who gathers the most treasure from the bottom of the pool is the winner.


Popsicle Freeze tag in the water. When someone is tagged, they stand straight with their hands above their head, like a popsicle. A player can unfreeze them by swimming between the frozen players’ legs.

Sharks and Minnows:

Sharks and Minnows Choose one child to be the shark. This child stands in the middle of the pool and yells "Minnows in!" On this cue, the other kids enter the water and try to get to the other side of the pool without being caught by the shark. Minnows can't be tagged while they're underwater, so the shark must wait for them to surface for air. Every minnow that the shark catches becomes another shark, making it even tougher for the remaining minnows to avoid being caught.


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