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Thomas Jeffery:

Thomas Jeffery

Introduction of Thomas Jeffery:

Introduction of Thomas Jeffery Thomas Jeffrey “Tom Hanks” was born July 9, 1956 in America, Tom Hanks is a director, actor, writer and producer. Hanks is well known for his roles in A League of Their Own, Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, Apollo 13, You’ve Got Mail, Saving Private Ryan, The Da Vinci Code, Cast Away and Captain Phillips, and his animated 3D films Toy Story Series (I, II and III), The Polar Express and The Simpsons Movie.

Personal life :

Personal life Tom Hanks was married to American actress Samantha Lewes from 1978-1987, then they divorced. This couple had two children, son Colin Hanks (born 1977, actor) and daughter Elizabeth Ann (born 1982).

Other Activities :

Other Activities A supporter of NASA’s manned space program. Hanks is a member of the National Space Society, serving on the Board of Governors of the nonprofit educational space advocacy organization founded by Dr. Wernher Von Braun. He also produced the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon about the Apollo program to astronauts to the moon.

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