Tips for Smelly Front Load and Top Load Washer Odor Solution

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Finally a Permanent Solution for Smelly Washer Syndrome™! The Washer Fan™ totally eliminates the sour smell that most washers get over time. If you have machine that does not smell yet, you can install The Washer Fan™ to keep it from ever smelling. The smell is being caused by several types of mold (black mold included) growing inside your internal drain hose and other internal parts of your washer - where you can't see it. This odor problem happens in every type of washer including all top load and front load washers. It takes longer with top load washers so most people think that they do not have the same problem but they do! Washer Fan - The Only Permanent Solution for Washer Odor. Fix it Today. Fix it for Good!™ Risk-Free 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! Try it on your washer today!


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Does your Front-Load or Top-Load Washer have an odor ? W Here are some tips that can save you time and money!


Do Not - Buy a new washing machine just to eliminate washer odor. New washers will develop washer odor over time due to the current design of every washer on the planet. Until the manufacturers fix the existing design limitations, there is not a washer on the market today that can avoid the odor issue. W


DO - Keep your door or lid open any time you are not running your washer. This helps air out the drum. Once you smell an odor, leaving the door open will not reverse the problem. Install Washer Fan Breeze to compensate for the design limitations that allowed the odor to develop. W


Do Not - Use more than 1-2 tablespoons of liquid HE soap in your HE washer. This is all the detergent you need to use to get your clothes clean and avoid feeding internal mold that causes washer odor. W


DO - Wash in warm or hot water as often as you can, depending on the requirements of the fabrics you are washing. Part of what is adding to this perfect storm causing washer odor is how most of us use cold water to wash these days. Mold thrives on cold water and high relativity humidity so using warm or hot water help kill some mold and other bacteria. W


Do Not - Ever use any liquid fabric softener. It is pure food for hidden washer mold. If you need to use a softener, use dryer sheets instead. W


Do Not - Replace your clothes, towels or sheets thinking that will get rid of the odor. In no time, your new laundry will smell the same unless you follow all of these tips, including installing a Washer Fan ™ Breeze™ to permanently eliminate washer odor. W


DO - Replace your internal drain hose when installing your new Washer Fan Breeze, if possible. If you are able to do it yourself, great. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself you can have an appliance company do it for you. If you are not able to replace the hose, Washer Fan Breeze will still take care of the odor problem over time but replacing the hose just eliminates about 95% of the mold right from the start and your washer and clean laundry will be odor free sooner. W


Do Not - Try to “wash out the odor” from your laundry using bleach or special cleaners. None of the special cleaners on the market today can permanently fix your odor/mold issue. Washer cleaners are expensive over time and only make your machine smell fresher temporarily. W


DO - Install the Washer Fan™ Breeze™ and take the high relative humidity out of the equation. Washer Fan Breeze comes with our Try It & Love It Risk-Free 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try it on your own washer and see how well it works to eliminate or prevent washer odor. Order your Washer Fan Breeze at today! W

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