Environmental pollution & its causes

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Waseem I. khan Assistant Professor, Shri Shivaji Law College, Basmath Road Parbhani, Maharashtra, India


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ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION &ITS CAUSES INTRODUCTION Basically the English world environment is derived from the french word Environner i.e to encircle or surround. It is strange feeling when we realises that earth is a very small in the universe alone has the required environment for life. The indian environment is as much affected as the rest of the world. The mandate that each country should have 33% of its land in forest india has only 22%.


MEANING OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION The expression pollute means " to get spoil or to make unclean, impure ane unhealthy. The word pollution is derived from the latin word polutus which means ' defiled or to make dirty or to pollute'. The expression denotes ' the presence of wrong matter in wrong quantity and at wrong place.'


DEFINITION ENVIRONMENT Environment includes water air land and the interrelationship which exist ' among and between water air land and human beings other living creatures , plants, micro organism and property. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANT According to sec 2(b) of the Environment Protection Act 1986, Environmental pollutant means ' any solid, liquid or gaseous substances present in such concentration as may be or tend to be injurious to environment.


ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION According to sec 2(c) of the Environment Protection Act 1986, Environmental pollution means the presence in the environment of any en vironmental pollutants. Every substances existing in the environment has definite composition when foreign body is introduced into it then the substance loses its original character and qualities.


CAUSES OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION A) NATURAL CAUSES Pollution caused by natural hazards viz. Cyclone, floods, earthquake, lightening, volcanic erruption etc. B) ARTIFICIAL CAUSES I) POPULATION GROWTH Population growth is a serious threat to the developing countries like india. Population growth and the rising standerds of living increases the discharge of waste products, street filth,insects and rodents.

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Urbanisation at faster rate inceases the density of population and occumulation of domestic waste in drainage. Almost all river our country got polluted including holly river ganga.


II) INDUSTRIALISATION Main source of environment pollutiin is rapid growth of industrialisation. Industries releases noxious and hazardous gases into the atmosphere. when dust and smoke in the atmosphere combine with water vapour, it forms smog which is very dangerous. 1952 4000 died in london (UK) and 8000 person in tokyo suffered from ear, nose and throat troubles. Bhopal gas disaster.

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Further rapid growth of industrialisation results in ozone deplition, acid rains. waste and effluents from the factories are released into river and hence polluted.


III) URBANISATION Urbanisation is a migration of rural people to urban area in search of work. Urbanisation is one of the reasons of pollution because migrated people would not get the proper basic facilities so they tries to get the natural resources by adopting illegal way.


IV) DEFORESTATION Deforestation is yet another area of environment pollution in the form of soil erosion, increase in the sediment of river, reservior and river beds. Seasonal changes leading to floods or droughts. In the name of development we used to cut down the trees.

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