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Bamboo roofing is an excellent alternative to traditional steel and concrete roofing. It is not only beautiful and natural but cheap as well. Bamboo roofing is well suited in all kinds of weathers, it keeps you cooler during summer and quite in rainy season. For a much detailed article visit


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Bamboo Roofing Designs, techniques and materials :

Bamboo Roofing Designs , techniques and materials

Bamboo Roofing:

Bamboo Roofing Very little amount of skill is required to engineer a bamboo roof. A bamboo truss is designed and covered with woven bamboo mats or corrugated bamboo roofing sheets. A tiny amount of metal connectors are used to hold the truss in place.

Bamboo Truss Design for roofing:

Bamboo Truss Design for roofing A bamboo truss is a frame made of bamboo poles. Poles connected to each other in a particular form typically it takes the shape of the roof.

Traditional Bamboo truss connection:

Traditional Bamboo truss connection Bamboo truss was made by strapping a cord, also known as bamboo lashing. He issue with this type of bamboo truss connectors is that the load of the roof was not equally distributed. There is friction which may compromise the strength of the roof.

Modern Bamboo Truss connection:

Modern Bamboo Truss connection These joiners and connectors can be made in various shapes and sizes. This depends on the number of poles to be connected and the design of the roof. With the modern joiners there is rarely any friction between the poles. The weight is equally distributed. Incorporation of little steel helps in overcoming the problems faced in traditional system.

Woven bamboo matting sheets :

Woven bamboo matting sheets Thin slices of bamboo are cut. These slices are then woven together in a criss-cross pattern to make it a mat. Several of these mats will be made cover a single roof.

Woven bamboo matting sheets :

Woven bamboo matting sheets Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets are made by putting together many woven bamboo mats. These mats are then treated by an adhesive risen. A hydraulic press binds the sheets together and also gives the sheets “S” shape.

Woven bamboo matting sheets :

Woven bamboo matting sheets Another way of covering the roof with bamboo is to cut open the bamboo exactly in half. The nodes within he bamboo clum are removed and cut into adequate sizes. The bamboo halves are then placed in an interlocking manner. One have faced the ground and the other faces the sky. The half facing the ground is holding 2 halves facing the sky.

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