20 Amazing Uses of Bamboo

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Bamboo is a fast growing grass. It is extremely durable and strong. Bamboo is also eco-friendly and versatile. It can be made into literally anything that hardwood can be made. it is the perfect alternative to hardwood. Using bamboo instead to hardwood can save million of trees and forests. Bamboo furniture is becoming a trend in the west. Bamboo roofing is also popular. Read all the uses of Bamboo here http://www.bamboooz.com/20-uses-bamboo/


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20 Amazing Uses of Bamboo:

20 Amazing Uses of Bamboo Waseem Akram www.Bamboooz.com

Why Bamboo?:

Why Bamboo? It is one the fastest growing grass with some species growing as much as 36 inches in 24 hours. Bamboo is best known for the strength and durability. When it comes to strength it is much stronger than general wood, bricks, concrete and even steel . Bamboo is also highly versatile. In north eastern states on India it is used for a variety of purposes ranging from food to construction.

Bamboo Beer:

Bamboo Beer Bamboo beer is claimed to be the most refreshing among all. The advantages of Bamboo beer are far more promising than other beers

Bamboo Leaves:

Bamboo Leaves Bamboo leaves are rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants.You can process the leaves and mix it in your tea or coffee

Bamboo Garden:

Bamboo Garden Bamboo can be an extremely desirable grass. Some even consider it to be lucky. A bamboo garden is a class act

Bamboo Building:

Bamboo Building Bamboo is extremely strong and durable. this makes it an ideal construction material. These can be termed as Green Buildings

Bamboo Roofing:

Bamboo Roofing Bamboo roofing mats and Corrugated Bamboo roofing sheets are an excellent and eco-friendly alternative to steel and concrete

Bamboo Furniture:

Bamboo Furniture Bamboo can be used to make furniture as it is flexible, durable, light weight and strong. It will also last for centuries

Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo Flooring Bamboo flooring mats and tiles are a great way use bamboo. It gives your floor a natural look at low maintainance

Bamboo Interior & Decor:

Bamboo Interior & Decor Bamboo is flexible, this allows us to make decors like chandelier, pergola, wind chimes etc. easily.

Bamboo Musical instruments:

Bamboo Musical instruments The most popular musical instrument made from bamboo is the flute. Other bamboo made instruments are drums and xylophone

Bamboo Fences:

Bamboo Fences Stack Bamboo poles and sticks beside each other to give it an amazing look. They look neat as well as classy.

Bamboo Utensils:

Bamboo Utensils The flexibility of bamboo can allow you to convert them into kitchen utensils like spoons, salt shakers etc.

Bamboo Toys:

Bamboo Toys Bamboo is not popularly known for toys, however toys like roller skates, bow and arrow, dice can be easily made

Bamboo Medicine:

Bamboo Medicine Bamboo is being used as medicine in China for centuries. It can cure symptoms like fever, cold, flu etc.

Bamboo Rugs:

Bamboo Rugs Bamboo rugs give a unique look to your floors. The eco-friendly nature is an added advantage for those who love environment.

Bamboo Clothes:

Bamboo Clothes Bamboo can be converted into fabric and into clothes. So rock your anti-bacterial, warm and soft t-shirt already.

Bamboo Paper:

Bamboo Paper Bamboo pulp can be used to make paper. So much paper is produced each year that forests are cut down, make it with bamboo instead

Bamboo as Food:

Bamboo as Food Bamboo shoots are edible and tasty treat. A mild flavor and crunchy texture is being loved my Asian countries for centuries.

Bamboo Bicycle:

Bamboo Bicycle Ghana Bamboo bike initiative is a real life example on making bicycle from bamboo. over 1000 bicycles are already sold

Bamboo Cases:

Bamboo Cases Smartphones have become a basic necessity. Many uses opt for a bamboo case to make their phone look unique and drop proof

Bamboo Helmets:

Bamboo Helmets Bamboo cloth and slivers combined make a bamboo helmet. extremely and much trendier than a plastic helmet


Conclusion Bamboo is an excellent material to work with and highly versatile as well. The flexibility allows us to make literally anything from it. Bamboo is Eco-friendly comes packed with a lot of health benefits, it is a miracle grass indeed. Asian countires have used bamboo for centuries, however other parts of the world needs to take advantage of this natural wonder.

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