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iLink’s Frameworks are pre-built code libraries. These Software development Frameworks , designed to accelerate software development and implementation of business processes for clients.


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iLink Systems, Inc Mar, 2014 iLink Frameworks

About iLink Systems : 

About iLink Systems iLink is a Microsoft National System Integrator(NSI) and Gold Level Partner, Preferred Vendor and winner of several Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards. iLink integrates software systems and develops custom applications, components, and frameworks on the Microsoft platform for IT departments, application services providers and independent software vendors. iLink solutions are used in a broad range of industries and functions, including healthcare, telecom, government, education, and life sciences. iLink's expertise also includes mobile and embedded systems, business intelligence, portals and collaboration, and user experience design. Gold Application Development Gold Application Integration Gold Collaboration and Content Gold Data Platform Gold Devices and Deployment Gold Mobility Gold Business Intelligence Microsoft Competencies Locations Redmond, WA (HQ) Fairfax, VA Duluth, GA San Mateo, CA Houston, TX San Antonio, TX London, UK Los Angeles, CA Chennai & Trichy, India Microsoft Partner Awards

Frameworks Overview : 

Frameworks Overview Reuse of pre-built and pre-tested code Increase reliability, quality andreduce time to market Incorporate best practices and industry standard design patterns Means to extend the behavior of the framework Implement industry recognized business processes and stop reinventing the wheel. Benefits What are Frameworks?Frameworks are pre-built code libraries and well defined business processes that are designed to facilitate software development and implementation of business processes.

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60+ iLink Frameworks Common Frameworks Self-service BI Framework Operations Tracking (OpsTrac) Framework GIS Framework Project Management (Eco) Content Management, Portal and Messaging Framework Healthcare Frameworks Healthcare BI Framework Patient Engagement Chronic Condition Management Interoperability – Connected Health Platform Care Navigation Oil & Gas Frameworks Asset Management Real-time data and stream Analysis Drilling Workflows Automation and Productivity Analysis Log Interpretation IT Framework Technician Tracker, Locator and Routing Framework Equipment Dashboard Trouble Ticketing Framework and BMC Remedy Connector

60+ iLink Frameworks : 

60+ iLink Frameworks Bing Map Integration Driving Directions to a destination Integration with Facebook and Twitter Search for an item (say restaurants, houses for sales/rent, any business) based on zip code Signal connectivity checks Launching camera, taking pictures, saving to the photo gallery, showing it in the application, email the pic, etc. SOAP API integration examples REST API integration examples XML serialization JSON parsing RSS feed On device DB design, setup, implementation, LINQ calls Appending list items on demand as you keep on scrolling Getting access to current location of the device (lat/long) SMS, Email samples Implementing simple line, bar charts App connect Picture viewer and gestures support Legal Case Management Framework Sales and Marketing Framework HR Framework (including job requisition and fulfillment, Benefits Management, Grievances, Intranet Portal, etc) Construction Project Management Solution Business Process framework Customer Care Solution Life Sciences “Communication Compliance” Framework Citizen Services Locator iCloud Framework Disaster Management Sustainability and Compliance Video Broadcasting Framework Matter Management Framework Subpoena Management Framework Retail BI Framework Insurance BI Framework Oil and Gas BI Framework Commercial Banking BI Framework Pharma Workforce Framework Mobility Frameworks Other Frameworks

Situational Awareness Framework : 

Situational Awareness Framework Key Capabilities: Open ended architecture - enables integration with client data points with relative ease Authentication services integrated with LDAP Dynamic Authorization mechanism Platform-agnostic Ability for near real time tracking of assets and communicate with them from within the application Microsoft Technologies Situational Awareness Frameworkapp provides situational awareness on Microsoft Surface 2.0 (PixelSense) and Slate (Win8), by presenting data from disparate data sources (as web services) on Geographic Information System- Bing Maps. This can easily be adopted for various industries’ needs – for Disaster Response, Emergency Preparedness, Event Management, Logistics & Planning, Troop Mobilization, Command & Control, etc.

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Patient Engagement Framework Microsoft Technologies Patient Engagement is an interactive medium for Patients and Health & Life Sciences organizations to improve health outcomes, consolidate health information, and cut healthcare costs. Interoperable Patient Engagement framework that allows Health and Life Sciences organizations to directly engage members in health-related decision-making, while enabling seamless information exchange among hundreds of different health services and devices.

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Oil & Gas Framework "iLink’s Upstream Oil and Gas framework" offers a 360 degree real-time "mobile" view of your entire business operations  Mobile visualization of Upstream Oil & Gas data, and implementation of mobility scenarios for real-time alerts/tickets and production data access. The solution developed for a large Oil & Gas ISV provides for the visualization of Oil & Gas data using Microsoft's self-service BI tools and technologies. The implementation solution is capable of mobility scenarios (including support for multiple form factors) for real-time alerts and production data access. Microsoft Technologies

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OpsTrac Framework The OpsTrac Service and Operations Management Framework enables companies to manage trouble tickets, organize work, map/dispatch service workers to the closest location and provide performance data that can be measured properly. OpsTrac framework helps avoid duplicating work, reduces inventory requirements, and increases service satisfaction with email and phone notifications to service workers as needed. Technologies

Legal Case Management Framework : 

Legal Case Management Framework Complete solution for your legal department to plan, organize, track, and manage cases Technologies With the iLink Systems Legal Case Management Framework solution, you can automate work flow; integrate Microsoft Outlook (email, calendar, contacts, and tasks) and Word; and administer document collaboration in small and mid-size law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. Use familiar software tools to create and view reports, share information and documents, set up tasks, and analyze results.

Business Intelligence Framework- Sample framework : 

Business Intelligence Framework- Sample framework 1 When it comes to your key business operations, iLink delivers: A BI framework that gives you the right information at the right time The iLink Self-service BI Framework supports: Dashboards & Scorecards Collaboration Reporting with Excel Analytics Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Integration With an iLink Self-service BI solution, everyone in an organization can gather information from ERM, CRM, ERP, POS, inventory management, HR and payroll systems. Then using familiar software tools, they can create and view reports, share information and documents, and analyze results. Technology

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Pharma Workforce Management Framework PharmaWorkforce Management framework on one hand enables your executives to make faster and more informed decisions and on the other hand helps your workforce by providing the right tools to simplify their day-to-day tasks.

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