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Office Operation Handbook:

Office Operation Handbook Locations: BJ, SH, SZ Internal


Preface Goal and objectives of Office Operation Tasks and guiding principles of Office Operation Roles and responsibilities Other LoBs contacts

Goals and Objectives of Office Operation:

Goals and Objectives of Office Operation Goals We coordinate with relative departments whatever it takes to provide to colleagues a good office work environment We commit ourselves to guide and support colleagues a quickest and best way to solve problems/difficulties on basis of daily administrative work. We would like to understand colleagues’ feedback, concern and what help they need from us about office operation as well Objectives Help colleagues to understand day to day administration and assist them to get necessary support on time Standardize and optimize office operation procedures

Tasks and Guilding Principles for Office Operation:

Tasks and Guilding Principles for Office Operation 1 . Administrative Support We are responsible to maintain a good work environment and provide fully support to improve it. Supervise and maintain office environment as well as equipment via working with GFM, IT and other relative departments. We are responsible for office logistics by coordinating with relative departments, e.g. office moving, office remodeling, office decoration. We are responsible to purchase office public stuff that for office running and for colleagues’ convenience, e.g. stationary, non-standard GFM equipment, etc. 2. Support Colleagues We provide necessary administrative support to colleagues. That does not mean we “execute it” for colleagues(except VP, SVP). Normally, we provide advise, point out a way to help colleagues obtain what they need. We strongly recommend colleagues fully utilize SAP resources do self-service. e.g. reserve hotel via hotelbooker, restaurant, book meeting rooms in system, book transportation, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities Role Name/Location Responsibilities Standardize and optimize procedures Office operation staff Li Laura, SZ Shang Eva, SZ -office administrative - Colleagues support You will get to know office operation procedures, such as: Rules for SIM cards borrow Rules for 3G card borrow Rules for transportation booking Assignees o rder stuff procedure …. You can get to know more from office operation handbook Office operation staff Wang April, SH Xu Lan, SH -office administrative - Colleagues support Office operation staff Ma Liya, BJ Li Sophia, BJ -office administrative - Colleagues support Remark: Do please contact your office operation staff for help when need

other LoBs contacts :

other LoBs contacts Perhaps you need to contact other departments when you have relative concern HRDirect(021-22213877 , ) Contact HRDirect if you have concerns about issue work statement, salary statement, issue invitation letter, OT compensation etc. Local IT contacts Contact Local IT if you have problmes about IT equipemt, e.g. telephone, laptop, VC, Mobile, etc. Local Facility(Receptionist) Directly contact Local Facility(Receptionist) or inform us when you have concerns about office clean, adminstrative, e.g. airconditions, stationary, badge FI department Get company stamp for documents , e.g. work statement, salary statement, invitation letter if need, questions about rejected travel expense

Office Operation Handbook:

Office Operation Handbook Locations: BJ, SH, SZ

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Administrative support Office work environment maintenance Office remodeling/moving Support colleagues FAQs

Office environment maintenance :

Office environment maintenance If you have problems/concern about below items, do please contact relative colleagues: Local Facility Office decoration including constructional part , such as floor, doors, lights, tables & chairs, green plants, carpet cleaning, air purifier, coffee machine, dishwasher, mug, office clean, cleaner arrangement in holiday, key borrow, etc. Property management: Air condition, fire drill, lift, etc . Internal mail collection and courier service Equipment in meeting room: projector, controller, camera, etc. Local IT Telephone, laptops, printers, projector usage, sound station, mobile VC, blackberry or iphone email service, etc.

Local Facility & IT Contacts:

Local Facility & IT Contacts BJ GFM Gao J ingmei Receptionist 10 th floor Zheng Yadan Receptionist 28 th floor Local IT Han chao 10 th floor Yin zheng 28 th floor SH GFM Yang , Penny Receptionist PVG01 Wang , Wei Receptionist PVG06 Local IT: Lv, Danyang; Zhu, Dachang; Wang,Haixing; Wang, Tao; Li, Ninghui SZ GFM Lin Jiepei Receptionist

Office Floor Plan:

Office Floor Plan Here attached office floor plan for your reference. New hires and colleagues traveling to other locations can easily get to know office layout. Beijing: Shanghai: Shenzhen:

Support Colleagues :

Support Colleagues Name card : 1. Colleagues based in CN – Self service 2. Assignees: because assignees can’t order in CN 0038 system, please ask help from office operation staff

Support Colleagues :

Support Colleagues Hotel booking : logon hotelbooker to check available SAP service hotel https :// Travel expense policy : get to know it from Portal https:// CN_Reimbursement Guildlines_2013 Generali benefit Get to know it from Portal For any further question, please contact Generali Hotline: 4008887555; Grace Rong : 021-61055588*1127 ; Jessie Ji: 021-61055588*1725

Support Colleagues :

Support Colleagues If you need original stamp on invitation letter (which depends on different policy of other countries) , colleagues in BJ please go to Zhang Cici(FI) for company stamp; colleagues in SH Pudong please go to Min, Eric for the stamp. For visa application/extension, do please contact our vendor: BCD : 4006190058

Support Colleagues :

Support Colleagues DLs management We have local DLs for SH, BJ; master DLs for AGS China Local SH DL and Master DL managed by Xu Lan : DL AGS China SH All, DL AGS China All Local BJ DL managed by Sophia Li: DL AGS China BJ All Local SZ DL managed by Shang Eva: DL AGS China SZ All Note: If you need be added into above DLs, do please contact respective local colleague If you need create DL for temporary projects/purpose, please create& manage it by yourself

Support Colleagues:

Support Colleagues Book Meeting Room & VC Room Info. 1. Before booking MR, please make sure you have installed the Room Reservation (call 8800 to help install),please follow these steps: Step 1: Go to the calendar to create a New Appointment. Step 2: Select the meeting time range you need. Step 3: Select the building of the office and the capacity of the MR. Step 4: For any urgent MR needed request and there is no available MR in the system, you can contact with Xu Lan in SH office, Ma liya in BJ office, and Shang Eva in SZ office Please try to make the reservation ahead of time. If you need a portable projector in SH/BJ, please borrow from April Wang /Ma liya .

Support Colleagues:

Support Colleagues 2. VC Room Info. in BJ, SH, SZ Note: You can connect VC meeting by dialing connect number, or ask SAP Telepresence ( , 006566646788) to help connect. For more than two parities VC conference, please contact SAP Telepresence to connect. Meeting Room VC Status Location IP Address Connect number PVG06/C4.1 Fixed SH 903086050603 PVG06/C5.5 Fixed SH 903086050604 PVG06/C5.6 Fixed SH 903086050605 PVG06/B8.1 Mobile SH 903086050113 BJG06/10/01 Fixed BJ 903086010601 BJG06/10/04 Fixed BJ 903086010602 BJG06/10/05 Fixed BJ 903086010603 BJG06/10/17 Mobile BJ 903086010608 SZX01/24/24.01 Fixed SZ 903086070101 SZX01/24/24.02 Fixed SZ 903086070102 SZX01/24/24.06 Fixed SZ 903086070105 SZX01/24/AGS Room 24.01 Mobile SZ 903086070103 SZX01/24/AGS Room 24.05 Mobile SZ 903086070104

Support Colleagues:

Support Colleagues When you need borrow laptop: 1.Borrow from IT: follow IT procedure 2.If no available laptop from IT, please check with your team assistant if they have backup laptop Beijing Ascott service department reservation Ascott lease contracts end at 30-September. AGS colleagues who need to check-in Ascott , please follow below steps: Step 1: Send email to Sophia Li to check if there is available rooms in Ascott Step 2: Send email to manager to get approval Step 2: Take SAP badge to check-in Ascott

Support Colleagues:

Support Colleagues Transportation booking Colleagues do self- service, ordering transportation for your convenient. Step1 . Get approval from cost center Step2. Contact vendor to reserve transportation Step3. Confirm transportation cost and provide vendor cost center after service delivered BJ Vendor contacts: Zero Day 零时差(北京)汽车租赁有限公司 Tel: 87212098 北京大众汽车租赁有限公司 T:87796152    F:87796737   SH Vendor contacts: Volkswagen Automobile Leasing Co. Ltd. ShiWei , mobile: 13601767208,

Support Colleagues (SZ):

Support Colleagues (SZ) SZ Vendor contacts: currently we have a temporary vendor(not SAP service vendor). Vendor name: eHi Car Service Contact number: 400-888-6608, (0755)8268-985, Mr Huang +86 138-2336-5279 (in SZ) Web : http:// Should you have any problem with car rental ,please feel free to contact Laura Li. Note for SZ: Please reserve at least 4 hours in advance If you have special demand, please state explicitly when you reserve. You can pay by cash (RMB only ), if you want to pay by credit card, please state explicitly when you reserve. Please give the invoice title and your address when you reserve , the invoice will send directly to the address that you leave two days later . After you get the invoice, please go to the SAP reimbursement system to reimburse the cost as usual

Support Colleagues:

Support Colleagues Borrow SIM Card Currently, we have company SIM cards(for assignees, on site support, management) in BJ and SH. If you need borrow SIM card when onsite, please follow below procedure: Get approval from respective manager or TL Borrow card from TA(BJ: Ma liya ; SH: Wang April) and make record Return SIM card on time Note: 1. We do have relative colleagues supervising communication cost If you get the SIM card lost/broken, please re-apply at your cost from China Mobile store as soon as possible. If you need change SIM card(for iphone 4s, iphone5), please get replaced at your cost from China Mobile. If necessary please ask office operation staff help about detailed procedure depending on different locations

Support Colleagues:

Support Colleagues Borrow 3G Card We have 3G card for colleagues onsite where can’t connect to internet, please follow below procedure: Get manager or TL approval Borrow and make record Return on time Regarding colleagues request help to order stuff from portal Colleagues who utilize CN system by default please order by yourself For assignees, please setup CN system to order; for urgent or special cases that you need operation staff order, request will not accept prior manager’s approval


FAQ My system is AG/US.. system, how to enable CN system to order   Request the catalogues in CUP (access enforcer)   1.goto - 2.Request access 3.Continue 4.Click the blue icon to the right of Applications field and select IBP 5.contiune -Application Area -> Material Management (EBP)   Business Process -> SRM Catalogue Management & relevant company code 7.GO 8.Select catalogue(S) 9.ADD 10.Go to request reason TAB & enter an reason 11.Submit   Once you have the approval, you can change your settings in SRM to company code 0038 for china, and you should be able to order then .


FAQ How to get a hard phone number in China? BJ&SZ New hire: apply phone number from IT support 8800 Visitors: get a number from Ma Liya(BJ), Shang Eva(SZ) SH New hire & visitors: get softphone from IT, visitors of AGS can check with April Wang What documents needed when reimburse medicine cost from Generali? Normally, original invoice, prescription, medical record, Generali cover . For further question, contact Generali. How to book meeting room in system? Call IT support to install plug-in “meeting room reservation”. Where to get access card and belt? Get it from receptionist


FAQ How could I color print my documents in SH office? In SH office, please send your documents to Wang,April or Xu,Lan . How to apply a Taiwan entry permit? S end email to Wang, April or Chen, Grace(TW) about the procedures How to apply Visa? send email to our vendor for help What to do after my stuff is missing Call security first (SH pudong: 61083030, BJ receptionist). If your laptop or mobile is stolen, please call 8800 and let IT to erase the confidential information of SAP . Call security first (SH pudong: 61083030). If your laptop or mobile is stolen, please call 8800 and let IT to erase the confidential information of SAP.

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