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See my first blog regarding Gardening, I am sharing a little of my history and explain how I came to turn my passion into my business


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Get Professional Gardening Services at Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening _ Free PowerPoint Templates, Diagrams and Charts

Wanda’s Weeding & Gardening:

Wanda’s Weeding & Gardening Wanda’s Weeding & Gardening is a professional, family run business based in the Perth metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on doing that little bit more, working that little bit harder and ensuring our customers are on hundred percent happy . We are taking the first step towards our mission of providing gardening services to everyone .

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It all started back in 2005. Wanda wanted to go back to work after her kids started school. There was a small problem though. Wanda had worked in an office before she had kids. Even though she had liked her job, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back to that.

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Now , with Enrico (the dynamic Mr Balestri ) joining Wanda as Operations Manager, she has been able to hire more Garden Gurus and set up another team. Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening has grown from a one woman band to having twelve staff in various roles. This means that we are fully capable of handling all of your gardening needs.

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From as long as I can remember, I was looked after by my Nanna when my Mum went to work. I was the youngest Of four children at the beginning of the 70’s and my Nanna had sold the family Dairy farm in Forrestdale and bought a 1/2 acre block in Armadale . She built the first home on her street in Little John Rd.


Wanda’s Story – there really is a Wanda! A lot of people ask us if Wanda actually exists .  Well, yes she does, and this is her story. The first thing to do was to take the scraps from the meal the night before to feed the chooks. The chook pen was in the far corner along the back fence line of the property , behind a very large shade house. The remainder of the 1/4 acre was dedicated to every fruit and vegetable you could ever imagine was available in Perth in the 70’s. The whole of the market garden side of her block was a micro farm, farmed professionally !


Hi from Wanda Today we drew the winner of the Poetic Bloom Pandora Floating Locket Necklace. Everyone who booked and paid for a garden service last month was entered into the draw. Fruit trees lined the perimeter and the raised beds, i can’t recall exactly, (I was only 2’ish years old) but there must have been at least 16 rows, approximately 40 meters in length of productive garden beds. And I was little and had little legs !! But Nanna ‘held no prisoners ’ and I was so excited, I kept up with her pace as we thoroughly harveted all of the produce that was ripe for the picking !

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THAT’S ME IN PHOTOS!! Even at the age I was in the first photo, I was looked after by my Nanna And the second photo was actually taken by my Nanna, she posted it to me and wrote on the Back.

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