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there are numerous considerations in preparing for the eventual sale of your company. A little strategic planning with proper preparation can make all the difference in successfully selling your Business


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Sell My Business

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 Sell My Business is all about knowing your business and to understand that the presentation and the reliability of your financial statements. When you started your business you may or may not have been thinking about eventually selling it.

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If you are like most entrepreneurs you have spent the vast majority of your time building your business by tending to customers growing product and service lines and otherwise managing the operational side of your business. 1. GET YOUR BOOKS IN SHAPE

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2. MAKE YOURSELF REDUNDANT  Be sure that your business is not dependent on you and as hard as it can be for entrepreneurs to delegate certain aspects of management This will reduce the risk from a buyer’s perspective make the post-closing transition much easier and will likely render a higher purchase price

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 Knowing your Business is very important because nothing scares a buyer more than an owner who does not understand key aspects of his/her business.

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5. SEPARATE PERSONAL FROM BUSINESS Entrepreneurs often commingle personal and business assets. This is sometimes done out of convenience and other times without even realizing it has occurred.

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