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We also provide services in Comoros Underwater welding, aperture blanking, propeller blade repair-cropping and Cape Verde Underwater hull cleaning


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Marine fouling is one of the biggest problems faced by shipping industries. This problem damages a vessels performance which concerns speed power and fuel consumption. Many underwater species cover the antifouling paint and add a thick layer on the ship’s hull which destroys and affects its functioning. One of those species is algae which secrete a highly corrosive sticky fluid which remains on the hull. The result of fouled hulls is the increased resistance leading to speed reduction. To maintain the same speed greater fuel consumption is required thereby increasing the cost. The fouled hulls and propellers can lead to engine problems as well. So in order to improve speed and reduce fuel consumption the underwater hull cleaning needs to be done.

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Hull Cleaning Our professional divers use approved hull cleaning machines which are globally recognized as the most productive way to improve performance and speed. With our advanced techniques and equipment we ensure zero damage to the anti-fouling systems committed to protecting the marine environment. Inspections and surveys In addition to hull cleaning we also provide inspection and survey service. Hull inspections are performed by our expert divers whereas technicians perform inspections and surveys stored by full CCTV footage. With the help of these inspection reports we can assess the intricacy of hull’s general condition. Propeller polishing Our services also include propeller polishing that reduces its roughness. If this polishing is done regularly it will improve thrust reduce drag and increase working efficiency. Our team can also repair propeller damage reducing stress on your vessel’s propeller engine. Cape Verde Underwater repairs Our company uses an up-to-date technology and advanced techniques to fulfill the underwater challenges. We also provide services in Comoros underwater welding Comoros Underwater grit blasting aperture blanking propeller blade repair and cropping bilge keel cropping rudder repair sealing stern tube glands zinc anode replacement and fabrication of custom blanks.

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