Keagan is Hauling Water

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This is Keagan hauling water to the Cabin with his dad Derek.


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Keagan is Hauling Water

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Keagan looks at where he needs to chop a hole into the ice. We need water at the Cabin

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Keagan looks for a new spot that looks better. Have to make sure we get clean water

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Keagan works hard to help chisel the ice and move the ice pieces. Keagan is being supervised by his dad Derek.

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Keagan starts to shove the ice pieces as he helps his dad Derek.

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Keagan is shoveling the snow and ice from the hole and getting ready to take the water.

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Keagan getting ready to pour water into the plastic pails.

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Keagan is too small to haul the heavy water so he supervises his dad. He also plays with the snow on the way up.

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The End

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