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They were amazing to work with. In fact they knew me by first name the thousands of times I came in to try on Adelaide. I just could not make up my mind. It was the only dress I came in to try on.


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Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed about getting married and finding my Prince Charming. Along with that, I always wanted a Maggie Sottero Alandra that would make me feel like a Princess…since this would be the only day I would get to look and feel like one. When we got engaged, I never thought I could feel like such a Princess and my husband could not take his eyes off of me. Thank you Maggie Sottero for making me feel like a Princess! . I called my mom and told her right away that this was the dress I wanted and I needed for my wedding day and that is exactly the Maggie Sottero Alicia I got! I couldn’t wait to go shopping for my dress. We went to a few stores, but nothing really stood out to me. Then I was online looking for some ideas and came onto the Maggie Sottero website…and I saw it…the SaBelle dress. It was love at first sight

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I had probably tried on 50+ dresses over a two month period when I saw a poster of Mirabella on the wall of the 6th or 7th store. I remembered noticing it online and asked if they had it, luckily they did. The saleswoman started to lace me up and I knew this Maggie Sottero Amara Royale was different. I walked out of the dressing room beaming at my mom, looked in the mirror and said, "I think this is it!" I felt so beautiful in my dress, I wish I could wear it again and again. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on it. Thank you, Maggie!

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My dress I wore for my wedding was absolutly goregous!! The fit was great, and when I saw it in person I fell in love. Not a lot of wedding Maggie Sottero Ambrosia these days have sleeves, which I really wanted to have. This gown had sleeves so it was perfect for me. The detail was also perfect for me.. I LOVE MY DRESS!

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My fiancé and I have been together for seven years, so needless to say I’ve been planning our wedding for a long time. I knew that I wanted a Maggie Maggie Sottero Andrea for my wedding. They always looked so clean and fresh in every magazine I saw them in. So, when the time came I hunted for a shop that specialized in Maggie dresses. I luckily found a dealer in my city. They were amazing to work with. In fact they knew me by first name the thousands of times I came in to try on Adelaide. I just could not make up my mind. It was the only dress I came in to try on. But I finally knew it was the one when my mom came with me to try it on one last time. On my wedding day, I had so many people compliment on how amazing the dress was. I truly felt like I was dressed for the most important day of my life in my Maggie Maggie Sottero Annabelle . Thanks for making my dreams come true!!

Jessica Young, Lakeland FL – Maggie Sottero Bride:

Jessica Young, Lakeland FL – Maggie Sottero Bride As soon as I discovered Maggie Sottero I knew I HAD to wear one of her gowns, the only problem was WHICH ONE!! I picked my favorites and not one of them was at the stores nearby. I found out that I picked very new dresses and planned to go to a trunk show hoping to find the dresses there. I decided to try one more shop in a nearby town but had no luck. The owner looked at pictures of my favorite dresses and pulled the Victoriana, she was extremely excited to show me this Maggie Sottero Anne Marie so I went a long with it. When I walked out and stood in front of the mirror I couldn’t believe it, I immediately knew it was mine. I turned to my mom and said, "Well, I don’t see any reason to go to the trunk show, do you?" Then the whole shop started crying with us. I had amazing time at my wedding and everyone loved my Maggie Sottero Annika . I was so proud to be a Maggie bride!

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I dreamed of my wedding Maggie Sottero Annika Marie since I was three years old. I received my first bridal magazine as a present for Christmas at that age. In fact, I decided to try to design my own wedding dress around the age of eight years old with poofy sleeves and all. The dress had to be perfect. My fiancé proposed as he was leaving for Iraq so I started looking for my dress right away to keep my mind off of him leaving. When I first put this dress on after having tried on at least 20 dresses, my best friend said, "That is your wedding Maggie Sottero Anniston ; Being a fan of shopping around, I continued to look for two months before making my final decision. I had my choices narrowed down to four dresses… all Maggie Sotteros. As I sat in the Victoriana dress on the floor of the bridal store admiring the beading and the skirt, I knew I had to have that one. We were married in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and our reception took place at a plantation. This dress made me feel like a Southern Belle. I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life.

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