How To Decorate A Room With Antique Furniture

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A lot of people want to integrate antique furniture pieces in their room décor. These furniture pieces provide a sense of nostalgia. These antique pieces are a symbol of survival as these pieces were able to survive for decades or even centuries. Many people get these antiques to provide an amazing look to their interior but fail to place these antique furniture pieces amongst other contemporary furniture pieces. It’s not that difficult to mix antique furniture items with a contemporary modern home interior. Blending antique furniture items with contemporary room design actually presents an interesting contrast. The room looks amazing with varying style texture and shapes. Blending interior design with a contrasting yet appealing combination of modern and antique furniture is also in trends lately. A mixture of antique and modern home accessories is also getting a lot of appreciation from people. You can now easily get luxury gifts by searching unique gifts on the web. Unique gifts Chattanooga is another place to get this type of gifts for home décor. In this article we will discuss some efficient ways to decorate a room with antique furniture items. We will also discuss some methods to mix modern and antique furniture to get an amazing room décor. These methods are listed below: Follow the 80/20 rule: While mixing modern and antique items in room décor you need to choose a main theme and then mix the elements of supporting theme. In our case we will choose modern décor as the main theme and add antique furniture pieces in the room décor as supporting theme. The right proportion for this is 80/20 80 for the main theme and 20 for the supporting theme. Most of the room would include modern décor items with 1 or 2 antique furnishing items. This would provide your room an amazing contrasting touch with both tastes form modern and antique categories. Place the antique to make a statement: You can place an antique furnishing item in the room and then build the room design around it. This could help you in creating a complementary room design. Try to place items around the antique with at least one similarity like hue. Ultimately you would be able to create a design that would look amazing and the antique furnishing item in the room would look as the icing on the cake. The antique furniture item would make a statement in the room décor. Experiment with different colors: Mixing modern and antique furniture items is not easy all the times. Sometimes you need to be bold to play with different color items to bring up an amazing room décor which is a well thought combination of modern and antique items with different colors. Just try to make balance and don’t try to overdo it. You will get an amazing room design with the color experiment you make. Don’t shy away from unexpected color combinations and give it a try. This will help you in creating an interesting room design look for a long time.

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We have discussed some great ideas to mix antique furnishing with modern room décor above. We hope that these ideas would help you in creating a jaw dropping room décor which would evolve over time. Live with creativity

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