How Customer Experience Management is Key to Business Success

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Do you have an efficient customer experience management strategy in place? Let’s discuss how it’s key to business success.


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How Customer Experience Management is Key to Business Success Customers now demand more from companies in terms of experience the ever growing competition in the market is making it even more important for businesses to give maximum focus towards customer experience management in order to succeed. Contrary to popular belief customer experience management is different than customer relationship management. The latter focuses on data of individual customers their requirements/orders requests billings basically an overall view of what you know about the customer whereas customer experience data captures how a prospect reacts in every touch point. It’s majorly based on research surveys. Do you have an efficient customer experience management strategy in place Let’s discuss how it’s key to business success.

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Elements of Customer Experience Customer experience in simple words is the interaction a person has with your company. This includes every touch point where a person gets in touch with your company from your sales process to billing support or even the products you offer. Touch points are scenarios which make a big impact in creating an impression in your customer’s mind by delivering something right. Key here is to keep the gap between customer expectation experience as small as possible. Also all your touch points should always be in sync with each other. For you the departments within a company may be different. But for a customer it’s just one single entity… your brand. All your teams starting from the sales team to support… should be on the same level of excitement dedication. It just won’t work if your sales team is passionate about selling your products but the support team sounds lazy disinterested. Strategies for Effective Customer Experience Management A survey last year in the US showed that nearly 80 of the companies believed they provided a superior customer experience but less than 10 of their customers agreed. You need to look through the customer’s eyes to make it work. With the level of dissatisfaction amongst customers so high a proper customer experience management strategy can really go a long way towards building long-term loyal customers. Let’s discuss a few basic things you should focus on:

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Self-Service: Today’s new-age generation presumes to be self-sufficient. They’d rather spend some time searching for information through your FAQs Blog or Website rather than simply calling the customer care every single time. Make sure you provide enough information available to your customers with maximum accuracy. Mobile Support: Mobiles devices have changed how the world works almost everyone has one. Hence it’s only wise for your company to optimize the mobile experience of your customers. Make sure all your websites are compatible with the smaller screens. In short if you’re not on mobile… you aren’t doing it right Social Media: More people are now opting for social media platforms twitter facebook instagram etc. to reach out to companies than calling the helplines. As a company it’s also important for you to monitor what your customers are saying about you on social media. Trust me it spreads like wildfire. Live Chat: This is another medium that has captured everyone’s interest live support via chat. It’s immediate right in the moment… which excites everybody. Try to be a master of live support it’s totally worth it. In today’s hyper-competitive market you will need every possible advantage that can set you apart from the rest. With dissatisfaction amongst customers reaching all-time high this presents a great opportunity for businesses to get their customer experience right grow their business like never before. Struggling to manage your customers or your sales pipeline Sign up for Wakeupsales CRM now. It’s the 1 ranked CRM of the Year by AccurateReviews.

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