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Nano TechnologyThe next really big small thing : 

Nano TechnologyThe next really big small thing © Copyrights Biobreeze

What is Nano Technology? : 

It’s the field of applied science whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the nanometer scale to create novel structures, devices and systems. What is Nano Technology? Biobreeze

History: How Nanotechnology is introduced : 

History: How Nanotechnology is introduced In 1985, researchers reported the discovery of the “Buckyball” a round molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms. This led in turn to the 1991 discovery of a related molecular shape known as the “carbon nanotube” C60 Buckminsterfullerene Carbon nanotube By Biobreeze

The next “Big Thing” is very, very, very small! : 

The next “Big Thing” is very, very, very small! Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the next century. This means… anything manufactured will be impacted by nanotechnology and it is happening more quickly than most people might think! Desktop Computer Nano Computer By Biobreeze

Present Technologies : 

Present Technologies Nanotechnology in Medicine Nano Robot performing cell surgery Nanotechnology in Computer Science Mtube 3.34 x 3.34 x 0.78 inches and weighs 5.3 ounces only Micro Bots Nanotechnology in Electronics By Biobreeze

How Small is The Nano Scale? : 

One nanometer(nm) is one billionth, 10-9 of a meter. One human hair(cross section) is about 100,000 nanometers. Larger then nanoscale is the microscale and smaller than that is the atomic scale. How Small is The Nano Scale? Copyrights@Biobreeze

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Applications of Nanotechnology : 

Applications of Nanotechnology Copyrights@Biobreeze

Medicine : 

The biological and medical research communities have exploited the unique properties of nanomaterials for various applications. Biomedical biotechnology, bionanotechnology, and nanomedicine are used to describe this hybrid field Tissue engineering: Nanotechnology can help to reproduce or to repair damaged tissue Medicine By Biobreeze

Chemistry and Environment : 

Chemical catalysis and filtration techniques are two prominent examples where nanotechnology already plays a role. Chemical catalysis benefits especially from nanoparticles, due to the extremely large surface to volume ratio. A strong influence of nanochemistry on waste-water treatment, air purification and energy storage devices is to be expected. Chemistry and Environment By Biobreeze

Information and communication : 

Memory Storage: The storage density of hard drives is rapidly increasing along an exponential growth curve, in part because spintronics-enabled devices. Novel semiconductor devices: An example of semiconductor device is MRAM its has a capability to store the data even when the power is off. Displays: The production of displays with low energy consumption could be accomplished using carbon nanotubes (CNT) Information and communication By Biobreeze

Disadvantages : 

Global monetary crisis, oil becomes worthless, diamonds become worthless. Atomic weapons more destructive and accessible increases cause of death.  It is so minute that its existence in the hand is much unnoticed. The risk of inhaling this could be very dangerous, due to which it can be a cause of death. Disadvantages By Biobreeze

Possibilities of Overcoming : 

The medical advantages are change of body appearance, stops aging process, immortality, painless child births, and universal immunity like aids, flu and end of sickness.  The industrial advantages are automatic pollution cleanup, expanding computer technology by making it faster and smaller in size increasing employment. The social advantages include, reproducing extinct animals and plants, safe and space travel, higher education, molecular food synthesis, to mention a few. Possibilities of Overcoming By Biobreeze

Future Scope : 

Future computers will use atoms instead of chips for memory. It can take artificial intelligence 2 new heightsIt can completely dh world around us by creating Smart devices that may also rival Human Brains. A nano robot cruising the bloodstream of a cancer patient pinpointing the nucleus of the tumour and applying radiation therapy directly to the cancer source and no where else in the body. This technology is capable of curing cancer on the basis of an out-patient office visit, and nanotech is close to realizing that in the near future. Future Scope By Biobreeze

Conclusion : 

Nanotechnology is predicted to be developed by 2020 but much depends on our commitment to its research. While some advances are made through unpredicted accidents or a flash of insight, others require more work. A lot depends on when we start. Conclusion By Biobreeze

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Thank You…!!! By Biobreeze

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