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Highly Efficient Team Building Training Program And Practices by Wagons Learning.


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Highly Efficient Team Building Training Program And Practices:

Highly Efficient Team Building Training Program And Practices

About this Wagons Learning:

In the corporate sector, Wagons Learning focuses on developing business skills that would take your organization to new levels of success. Its innovative courses for Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Operations and Services endeavour to give them a definite edge. Social Profiles: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube About this Wagons Learning Why Wagons? Wagons Learning helps organizations to Expand performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their business objectives. Provide a measurable return on investment for their training Investments, creating the business justification for training expenditures. Assess employee competencies against job requirements, identify gaps and create development plans to enable effectiveness and growth. Efficiently and thoroughly develop and retain employees while minimizing time away from the office for training. Maximizing organizational performance by implementing and administering a learning solution to help simplify client’s training requirement. Provides centralized managerial and administrative support services. A team of learning experts will ensure that the training solution is smoothly implemented.

Setting ‘SMART’ Goals:

Setting ‘SMART’ Goals 1

SMART Goals:

SMART Goals The goals should be designed to be “SMART.” This is an acronym for Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time-bound. As much as possible, include input from other members of the organization when designing and wording these goals.

Measuring the effectiveness:

Measuring the effectiveness 2

Objectives :

Objectives Objectives for measuring the effectiveness: The objectives, that together achieve the overall goals, should also be designed to be “SMART.”

Clear Communication Channel:

Clear Communication Channel 3

Communication Channel:

Communication Channel To work effectively as a team, ‘Communication’ plays very important role. Consistent communication is the most important trait of a successful team. Without communication, none of the other traits can occur.

Procedures for Decision Making and Problem Solving :

Procedures for Decision Making and Problem Solving 4

Decision Making and Problem Solving:

Decision Making and Problem Solving Decision making is non separable function for any tam. Every team frequently faces the situations where they must make some decision and solve problem in highly effective manner. Best practices for successful groups: Document a procedure whereby the team can make decisions and ensure that all members are aware of the procedure. The procedure might specify that decisions are made, within time frame and agreed by all.

Develop staffing procedures:

Develop staffing procedures 5

Recruiting, Training, Organizing, Replacing:

Recruiting, Training, Organizing, Replacing For achieving the success in Effective team building, a staffing procedure must be developed with major functions of recruiting, training, organizing and replacing. If group members go through a somewhat organized, systematic process, then new members often believe that the group is well organized and that their role is very valuable in the group.

Determine The Membership:

Determine The Membership 6

Determine the membership of the group:

Determine the membership of the group Consider the level of proficiency needed to achieve the goals, including areas of knowledge and skills. Include at least one person who has skills in facilitation and meeting management. Attempt to include sufficient mixture of values and perspectives to ensure robust ideas and discussion.

Assign The Role Of Leader:

Assign The Role Of Leader 7

Ensure systems and practices are followed:

Ensure systems and practices are followed The leader focuses on the systems and practices in the team, not on personalities of its members. Leader ensures that his team follows the systems and best practices helpful in achieving defined goals.

Assign The Role Of Communicator:

Assign The Role Of Communicator 8

Role of Communicator:

Role of Communicator Communication is most important factor for team success. One in the team should be dedicatedly designated to make sure that all members receive communications about Goals, membership, roles, responsibilities and status regularly.

Identify Needs For Resources:

Identify Needs For Resources 9

Needs for Resources:

Needs for Resources Start from analyzing the purpose and goals, this will let you know what is needed to achieve them? Here training, materials, supplies, etc can be the example of resources needed.

Identify The Costs:

Identify The Costs 10

Costs to provide necessary resources:

Costs to provide necessary resources Training and consulting cost, Material costs, rents for rooms and machinery, cost for other office supplies are to be considered here.

Plan Team Building Activities:

Plan Team Building Activities 11

Support trust and working relationships:

Support trust and working relationships Team building is critical task. Teammates must trust the potential of each other, they must support each other for achieving goals which leads to successful working relationships. There are many small activities for it, Google will give you in detail idea

Plan The First Team Meeting:

Plan The First Team Meeting 12

First team meeting:

First team meeting First meeting aims at review the goals of the team, why each member was selected, the benefit of the goals to the organization, the time frame for the team effort, who will lead the team (at least, initially), when the team might meet and where, and any changes that have occurred since the individual meetings.

Monitoring and Reporting :

Monitoring and Reporting 13

Monitoring and reporting :

Monitoring and reporting Allow team to share a documents or reports which enables to see progress of team members toward achieving the goal. It is amazing how often a team starts out with a carefully designed plan, but trust them to get the work done and if it’s not then lets clear it to everyone. This level of visibility helps in identifying problems early.

Support Team Meetings:

Support Team Meetings 14

Monitoring and reporting :

Monitoring and reporting It is always critical for supervisors of team to remain available to for his team members and to provide support and resources as needed. Apart from this the supervisor should regularly monitor team members’ progress and he should provide them an ongoing encouragement and visibility.

Celebrate Team Accomplishments!:

Celebrate Team Accomplishments! 15

Celebrate accomplishments.:

Celebrate accomplishments. At last, always celebrate achievements and success with team member because team members should not feel as if they are on treadmill that has no end. Keep your eye on small and recurring successes, not just the gold at the end of the rainbow.


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