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Cambodia Blending 2011:

Cambodia Blending 2011

Blending with the saints…:

Blending with the saints…

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Gospel Preaching…

Gospel Meeting! :

Gospel Meeting! Giving an introduction Testimony on receiving the Lord under a similar circumstance as the local students Testimony on the idols who can’t help themselves and the God who is true Baptism & salvation in Taiwan Calling on the Lord and the meaning of baptism Hallelujah for 2 baptisms!

More baptisms in Siam Reap…:

More baptisms in Siam Reap…

Home Meetings:

Home Meetings Who’s willing to go FTT?

Eating and drinking…:

Eating and drinking… Don’t’ be mistaken…we are still in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Meeting Hall:

Phnom Penh Meeting Hall

Sight, sound & smell of Cambodia:

Sight, sound & smell of Cambodia Lady Penh’s Hill – Origin of Phnom Penh Not forgetting the gospel while sightseeing This is a lake, not a sea This is a moat, not a river

PowerPoint Presentation:

Jumping forward to the next blending…! Hallelujah!

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