SaaS based Enterprise web application – good or bad

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At W2S Solutions, we help customers to run their application in cloud. We are capable of building Software as a Service solution with Python,Django,MongoDB or Microsoft technology and have years of experience hosting in Cloud servers. For more details vist:


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SaaS based Enterprise web application – good or bad Published July 27 2016| MK “We are constantly bombarded with employees not going to correct domains to login and they do not know their domain. This is not going away so we need a solution. They do not know their domain so they Google our company name and always get our public URL instead of their subdomain. They try to login and it tells them their email does not exist.” When I heard this from my customer I was thinking why a SaaS Solution was not helping an enterprise or how it can be educated well to them My customer’s traditional app was deployed in a Single Server and various account holders Customer’s clients used the same domain name. Every account is di erentiated with email address and when they logged in they had to choose their accounts associated with email address. It was designed long back and was the root cause for various issues such as dashboard loading tough to switch between accounts Reports takes time and data can not be easily measured as all account details were stored in one location / database.  Facebook 7  Twitter 0  LinkedIn 0  Google+ 2

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At W2S Solutions we know the bene ts of SaaS based solution and are strong in building this. We have built this to our customers with Open Source Technologies such as Django Python and MongoDB or with Microsoft .Net platform. Here are the benefits of a SaaS based app: Software as a Service based solution is a single instance – multi tenant system. You can deploy your code in cloud servers and clients can get their preferred sub domains. Let’s say your business name is clients can create their own subdomain with their preference. It could be anything such as This is more convenient in URL promotion with their branding. If client has employees sta s and consultants they shall use the sub domain URL to login and access their information. It’s easy to remember and does not need to promote or educate as it has a direct business name in it. Cost measurement: Every subdomain / business has its own database bandwidth and memory usage. It’s easy to measure cost consumption and storage consumption. It helps to calculate cost spent per client and revenue made. Performance will be great as everything is unique and dedicated for every client. As a cloud computing service It captures lots of business information for each business It could be very interesting for business executives to analyze their numbers to find their growth rate. There are other pros available for a SaaS based solution but would like to talk about things to be added when migrating a traditional app to a SaaS based solution. New sub domain business URL has to be educated to all accounts and users. This could happen with welcome emails login and forgot password emails. Every business URL should have a unique SEO tag indexed with their business name. It solves the major issue of going to parent domain when they do Google. Find my business domain name and reset password option must be available in parent domain URL. This allows business users to fetch their sub domain URL if they lost it. Hence user will provide email address and system detects all sub domains usernames associated with that email address. But sometimes Enterprises feel that whatever they have now works okay and might be worried to change. Its good for them right now but nothing is absolute in IT. We hope and help our customers based on Best Practices that we have learned through years and our solution helps to run cloud businesses successfully. Please reach us if you have any thoughts on this. Published in Uncategorized Previous Post Our Journey with an Enterprise Customer: No Newer Posts Return to Blog Leave a Reply  Facebook 7  Twitter 0  LinkedIn 0  Google+ 2

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