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Building Communities through Media Kalanjiam Community Radio Experience:

Building Communities through Media Kalanjiam Community Radio Experience V.Naguveer Prakash Kalanjiam Samuga Vanoli 90.8 M.Hz DHAN Foundation

Kalanjiam Community Radio has been established to:

Kalanjiam Community Radio has been established to Use information and communication as a tool for change Enable the coastal communities to get prepared for managing disasters and strengthen their livelihoods to cope up with such disasters. Build skills of the community to prepare and disseminate audio programmes on the areas concerning their socio-economic and cultural development. Aid in preservation of local wisdom & traditional knowledge

Partners in the Process:

Partners in the Process Owned by: Communities in Keelaiyur block of Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu Facilitated by: DHAN Foundation’s Centre for Development Communication Resource support by: United Nations Development Programme Technical support by: VOICES, Bangalore

Kalanjiam Community Media Centre:

Kalanjiam Community Media Centre Fig 2: Mixed Media Model Kalanjiam Community Media Centre Village Information Centres Community Radio Community Video

PowerPoint Presentation:

14 members Board of Governance drawn from the Peoples Organisations promoted in the Keelaiyur block, two third of the members are women Governance


Governance Board members meet once in a month to Give guidance for evolving content for production Review and monitor the functions of the staff Review and monitor the physical and financial performance Facilitate participation of fellow community members Resolve conflicts / issues in the above areas

Role of Reporters / Volunteers / Station Manager:

Role of Reporters / Volunteers / Station Manager Volunteers work with the community to Explore content along with Commitee Facilitate them to identify local talents and resources Ensure Community participation Facilitate Technical Training to Volunteers Produce programmes and Manage the station Exposing Community Radio to people unaware Collect feedback & follow-up them

Content Producers:

Content Producers Full time Reporters Volunteers School Children SHG Memers Members from the Community Farmers Fishermen Women Entrepreneurs

Users of Kalanjiam:

Users of Kalanjiam Schools – Teachers & Students Panchayats Folk Artists NGO’s Govt Dept & Institutes KVK, Sikal PCH’s & Dr’s Veterinary Dr’s

Programme Schedule:

Programme Schedule

Glimpses of Kalanjiam:

Glimpses of Kalanjiam

Glimpses of Kalanjiam:

Glimpses of Kalanjiam

PowerPoint Presentation:

Location Vizhunthamavadi Block State Keelaiyur Nagapattinam District Tamil Nadu Reach 18 Kms Radius

Change for the Better:

Change for the Better Useful information on Agriculture, Education, Women empowerment, Children, Herbal / Home Remedies, etc Disaster Preparedness, DRR Related info Weather forecasting during monsoon Platform for folksingers Yoga and health related programmes Women, children, elderly, fishermen and farmer see the CR as a platform Good rapport with local institutions

Learnings so far:

Learnings so far Organised social infrastructure lays the foundation for Community Radio. Has a collection of 400+ Folk songs (142 Recorded in our Station) Has limitations with respect to reach and coverage of listeners. Involving government officials for content and programming is very tough due to lack of understanding about CR. Response from children, women, farmers, fishermen and elders were overwhelming for programming. Learned to manage the volunteers turn over Learn to overcome technological problem

Challenges in Content Generation :

Challenges in Content Generation Ensuring a strong focus on "local" music, events, people and issues–especially coupled with "global" relevance. Exploring, identifying and cultivating new talents and building capacity of the local communities and volunteers to enhance their ability to adapt, getting acquainted with the tools and technology. Building institutionalised linkages with the mainstream agencies that are involved in disaster management, to provide legitimate and localised information on disasters. Meetings costs of content production and capacity building for the staff, volunteers and communities is a major challenge, while the CRS is still working towards meeting running costs. A proven model needs to emerge to meet this challenge. Access and use of copy righted materials. The CRS may not be able to afford to the royalties to be paid for the copyrighted materials. Content exchange among the non-commercial broadcasters needs more focus.

Way forward :

Way forward Working towards setting up systems for disaster mitigation and management. Transition into mixed media model of ICT based radio and video, the Kalanjiam Samuga Vanoli is taking shape of a Community Multi Media Centre. Enabling the community, especially women to own and manage Kalanjiam Community Media Centre to address various socio, economic and development issues concerning them. Attain financial sustainability in a phased manner.

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