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SCADA SYSTEM Prepared by:- Mirav Rathod 05BEE029 Priyank Patel 05BEE060 Guided by:- Mrs M. T. Shah

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WHAT IS SCADA ? SCADA is Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition SUPERVISORY CONTROL of equipment, e.g. closing and tripping of swith-gears and tap changing of transformers in power plants, controlling process parameters in process plants. DATA ACQUISTION, i.e. ability to get various information from the field by some means

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NEEDS OF POWER SYSTEM Voltage and frequency control Control and interlocking of switching devices Protection of high voltage equipment Status indication and event recording Condition monitoring and alarms Fault location and disturbance recording Auto shut-down and automatic restoration Synchorochek and synchronization Automatic sequential control

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In early times electromechanical devices used to performed protection, monitoring and metering functions. Frequent human inventions were necessary to exercise primitive automation and control techniques, individual skills of Operators were relied upon to control and automate the generators. Communication between the system functions were conducted over phone from an operator at the plant and the central facilities. System devices were not intelligent and lacked ability to communicate necessary with each other.

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Now-a-days, due to various factors such as requirement of better management, cramped space and man power constrains, the need for monitoring and controlling the outstations from central station has become very essential. Since conventional wired schemes are simply not possible with the limited number of pilots wires available, therefore the supervisory and data acquisition (SCADA) system has been introduced. The multipoint SCADA system is one in which several remote stations are controlled and supervised from one central control centre

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Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

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