How Technology has Changed


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Technology News:

Technology News By Vanessa Perez

Purpose :

Purpose The main purpose of this powerpoint is to inform you about the different kinds of technology and the way technology has helped us in many ways. It has been used in many ways that helped us to make our life easier and faster.

Gps :

Gps This machine is really useful and has helped us today. This machine has helped us now by helping us find our way to the right destination and not getting lost .

Ipad :

Ipad Ipads are the newest trechnology that has been used. It is a really useful and quick tool. This has helped us changed our lifes faster because you could be surfing through the web anywhere just having access to WI-FI

Iphones :

Iphones This machine is a really useful device that each day more apps and things are being added to it.

Cameras :

Cameras This machine is really helpful and useful because it helps us capture a moment

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