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Network Topology:

Network Topology Created By: Vyas Pratik

What is a Topology?:

What is a Topology? Topology refers to physical or logical arrangement of network Main Topologies are Bus STAR Ring Mesh Tree Hybrid

Bus Topology:

Bus Topology All computers or devices connected to **central** Consists of a main run of cable with a **terminator** at each end. Popular on LANs B’coz they are inexpensive and easy to install.


BUS Easy to connect computer or device to a line bus. Requires less cable length than a star topology. Entire network shuts down if there is break in the main cable. Terminator are required at both ends of the backbone cable. Difficult to identify the problem if the entire network shuts down . Advantage Disadvantage

STAR Topology:

STAR Topology All devices or computers connected to a central device, called **HUB** All data transferred from one computer to another passes through hub.


STAR Easy to install and wire. Security can be implemented in the HUB/Switch. Easy detect faults and to remove parts. Require more cables than a Bus topology. If the HUB or connector fails, nodes attached are disable. More expensive Advantage Disadvantage

Ring Topology:

Ring Topology Cable forms closed ring or loop, with all computers or devices arrange along ring. Data travel from device to device around entire ring, in one direction. Primarily is used for LANs, but also used in WANs .


Ring The transmission of data is relatively simple as packets travel in one direction only. Data packets must pass through every computers between sender and receiver. If any node fail then the ring is broken and data can’t be transmitted . Advantage Disadvantage

Mesh Topology:

Mesh Topology Every Computer or devices connected with other devices. There are n(n-1)/2 channels to link n devices.


Mesh No-traffic between computers Failure of one node not affect rest of the network. B’coz of dedicated link privacy and security are guaranteed. Point to Point links makes fault identification easy. Due to the amount of cabling and number of input output ports, it is expensive. Large space require to run cables. Advantage Disadvantage

Tree Topology:

Tree Topology Tree topology is combination of STAR and BUS topology.


Tree A point to point connection is possible with Tree Networks . All the computers have access to the larger and their immediate networks. In a Network Topology the length of the network depends on the type of cable that is being used . It is difficult to configure and can get complicated after a certain point . Advantage Disadvantage

Hybrid Topology:

Hybrid Topology Combination of two or more different topologies. Commonly STAR-BUS or STAR-RING.

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