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Spinner Bros – Tired of Panda and dupe content worries Spinner Bros a cloud-based software using artificial intelligence to understand text and automatically rewrite your article with leading readability and spinning performance to help your site save thousand of dollar hiring content writer as well as avoid being hate by Google Panda. http://crownreviews.com/spinner-bros-review-bonus/ Spinner Bros Overview  Homepage: Spinner Bros Official Site  Product Name: Spinner Bros  Type of Product: Cloud-Based Software  Authors: Justin Anderson  Target niche: Content Marketing Content Generation with AI you can feed a post into an article spinner and receive a totally unique article in under 30 seconds. This works on old blog posts you have PLR content news stories or ANY content you find out on the web.  Official Price: 47  Special Offer: 30-OFF DISCOUNT HERE It’s ver limited  Bonuses: EXCLUSIVE You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1 o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4 o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5 What is Spinner Bros As an SEO you know the two main ways to get maximum effectiveness of your sites:  Fresh content posted regularly  Niche-focused content and not dupe PLR garbage

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A couple of weeks ago Google announced that their Panda update is now applied real time making these two points more important than ever. So as online marketers how do we effectively address this challenge for our client sites and PBNs Justin Anderson - famous with his One Hour Indexing and Linklicious SEO services - has the exact soluton for this problem. you see Justin has many many networks ranging in size from 10 sites to 2000 sites. He knows first hand the time sink it is to hire writers and manage content across both client sites and PBNs. Having used the other spinners on the market he realized that not only were they hard to use but the quality of them just wasnt good enough to pass the Google test. And imagine the pain and expense of replacing a 2000 site network if it gets nuked by Panda Justin hired a team of PhD artifical intelligence scientists and set them to work to make the best spinner out there. They analyzed BILLIONS of documents - ranging from New York Times articles all the way to social media posts - to teach the computer how to properly analyze the parts of speech and then replace them with only the strongest synonyms. Spinner Bros totally and completely removes all the hard work of copywriting so you can focus on growing your site and making money.Using artificial intelligence Spinner Bros can be able to understand text and automatically rewrite your article with leading readability and spining performance. As you know spinners typically run about 50/month for a clunky and hard to use version with so-so quality. But for the next few days Spinner Bros has ONE TIME PRICING. So go take a look and hop on to lock in lifetime pricing and get rid of yet another monthly fee.

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How Does Spinner Bros Work Special Features of Spinner Bros: Content Writing is for the Birds There is almost nothing worse than staring at a blank page wondering what to write. The worse would be getting hit with a Google Panda penalty for dupe/thin content And even if you get lucky and find a great writer you still have to manage them come up with good topics review their work before posting AND pay them for every single article. Its a management headache that costs you both time and money. Solving this headache is EXACTLY what made Spinner Bros a must have tool

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And the proof is how much Google LOVES spun content... Here is a great example of effectively using spun content to rank a client. This example is from September and is STILL ranking for many terms with their spun press release. They can make 50k or more with ONE lead so you better believe theyre all about using the best systems possible Within a day they were ranking in the top 5 for 13 different "buying" terms including 9 in the 1 position. Theyre still on page 1 for more than half of them without a single bit of maintenance. Bottom line: Google LOVES Spinner Bros spun content

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The end of hiring expensive copywriter Just think of how much pain and expense youll be removing by using Spinner Bros every day on your site. No more hiring expensive copywriters and no more slaving away for hours writing a single blog post. You now have automated content goodness right at your fingertips. Completely Eliminate the Pain of Site Ownership and Content Creation  Nothing to Install: Fully cloud based artificial intelligence text spinner that works from any computer. No worrying about constant software crashes or compatibility or license keys.  Nothing to Learn: Just past in your article and click a single button to produce a new article. Its easier to use than Apple products

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 Nobody to Manage: No hunting for writers negotiating rates managing editorial calendars editing their work and tracking time.  Panda-Safe: Were proud to say weve never had a single case of a Panda attack due to content produced by Spinner Bros.  Full WordPress Integration: The service ties into WordPress to make it even more automated and powerful Sales Features/Benefits  One time pricing vs 50/month for this launch  Produces totally unique articles in under 30 seconds  Eliminates hours and hours of copywriting  Quality vs Uniqueness option that adjusts the article in real time  Built by a leader in the SEO space Justin Anderson of Linklicious and One Hour Indexing fame  Easiest spinner to use by far  Fresh content is needed to keep Google happy and rank the site pages Heres What You Get With Spinner Bros  Access to this unique cloud-based spinner  Fully control quality and uniqueness of the spins  Full WordPress integration  Load source articles from a URL a file or just copy/paste  Produce a single unique article or save spintax for trillions of unique articles  Ability to save spins for later export them to a text file or post directly to your WordPress site  Automatically pull in current viral/trending content from TrendingTraffic.net for posting How it works:  Step 01 Grab an existing article on your topic  Step 02 Select the uniqueness level and click the spin button

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 Step 03 Grab the new and totally unique article to put on your site Watch How Easy Spinner Bros is to Use https://youtu.be/dnuUw5Bk1oM Who Should Use Spinner Bros This Service Has All The Bells And Whistles That Every Site Owner Needs  Quality + uniqueness selector  Copy and paste any text you want spun  Export and save functionality  Grab content from any web site  No software to install and hassle with licensing. Its all run in the cloud for you  Ability to save spintax for all those hardcore SEOs and internet marketers But even more important is that this service is so easy to use that non-tech geeks can completely and totally remove their content headaches For new customers Justin will send you a series of "best practice" emails to guide you in the most efficient ways to make use of Spinner Bros. Hell walk you through locating the best content how to spin it quickly and effectively and how to use it to maximum advantage on your site. Listen To What Some Of Their Existing Customers Have To Say “I’ve run a very large private blog network PBN for a few years now and have paid writers off of Freelancer and Fiverr tens of thousands of dollars. Once I switched over to Spinner Bros my content writing costs have dropped over 75 and my time savings have friggin’ nuts.” - JR “I’ve run my niche blog for years now and populated it with a lot PLR content. I’m not a fan of duplicate content but I just don’t have time to rewrite all the Private Label Rights stuff that I’ve bought. Now I just run it through the service and don’t have to worry about those Google Webmaster warning messages” - Steven H “Man oh manWhen I got early access to Spinner Bros with all the options I quickly learned its a total game changer Viral content trending content topics of all sorts all posting on full autopilot. How cool is it to have a site running by itself without a worry about Panda attacks.”

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- Ashish R Why should you Get Spinner Bros Now Now Take A Second And Imagine.... ...what your life would be like after adding Spinner Bros to your toolbox. Imagine all the free time youll have to grow your site. Imagine all the money youll save paying writers. I think youll agree that its going to be a game changer for your marketing efforts and save you hundreds or thousands a month in writing. Justin have first-hand expericenc losing thousands of sites to Google Panda Attacks and he is the one to know how importance content mean to all of our digital marketer. This product is not only from the dedication of Justin but also a professional tool made by the diligence and well research of his PhD team. They analyzed over 2 BILLION documents ranging from social media posts to New York Times articles to train the system on how to properly understand meanings behind text. They utilized artificial intelligence algorithms to parse source articles to understand their meanings and offer a spun version that makes sense. They put each article through a dozen layers of processing to correctly understand the meaning of words proper nouns phrases and other language nuances to produce the best spin possible. Therefore this product is so worth your try and definitely reduce all the hardwork and headache you are encounting from the time you need to prepare contents to dealing the price with hired copy writer just to spin another content and cost you lots of money. After revealing all the features and some convincing words about this product which is already persuasive I think you have already make up your mind. Ultimately I have something which is very valuable that will help you consider whether to buy it or not. And that is 2 package of bonuses from the producer and from my very review page. Not only will you receive some of the related bonuses that will help your expericence through using Spinner Bros but you will also get what ever you like in the bonus section of my page if you take action now and buy this product through my link. Special Bonuses from Spinner Bros: Bonus 1: Post Spinner Plugin Give your customers a unique way to generate unique content when they buy Spinner Bros. This plugin adds a button to the Post page that allows blog owners to easily specify quality/uniqueness and spin a single article.

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Bonus 2: Translation WordPress Plugin Once this plugin is installed your users can translate a single post into just about any language they choose. Now itll be easy to take advantage of the way easier ranking found in non-English Google search results.

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Bonus 3: Three WordPress Themes Since your users are actively posting content to their blog why not give them a PROVEN theme to use Weve taken inspiration from three top viral sites - Viral Nova Upworthy and IFL Science and built a theme thats easy to use and is already battle tested by millions of users every month.

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Bonus 4: Bounce Rate Fixer Plugin Site quality metrics are one of the most important ranking signals that Google uses and user bounce rate is probably the most important of those. WIth this plugin you can control exactly how Google sees your bounce rate allowing you to easily move up in the rankings. Conclusion As a limited time launch special There is a special "One Time" pricing offer. After the official launch is over this option will be going away completely so take advantage of this unique offer now. Why procrastinating if you have the power to change the role and not to worry about any content or Panda acttack Grab it now http://crownreviews.com/spinner-bros-review-bonus/ https://www.facebook.com/Spinner-Bros-review-I-was-shocked-1347061921993185/

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https://medium.com/qucuwame/spinner-bros-review-biggest-jaw-drop-bonuses- e7d70df4a9d5.jmu1qzul6 www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6189658634448924672 http://tosunura.tumblr.com/post/151413753368/spinner-bros-reviews-and-bonuses- spinner-bros http://www.scoop.it/t/marketing-772/p/4070109835/2016/10/06/spinner-bros- review-shocked-21700-bonuses http://rokoxuno.deviantart.com/art/Spinner-Bros-Review-sb-main-300- 638511596ga_submit_new10253A1475729812 https://www.flickr.com/photos/144035711N02/29849666270/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spinner-bros-review-demo-spinner-bros-free-bonus- tickets-28414244771 http://lanyrd.com/2016/spinner-bros-review-a-top-notch-weapon/ https://www.youtube.com/watchv0C4NPYaEzTEfeatureyoutu.be https://vid.me/r0yu http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4w9k6y Spinner Bros Spinner Bros reviewSpinner Bros review and bonusSpinner Bros reviewsSpinner Bros reviews and bonusesSpinner Bros discountSpinner Bros bonusSpinner Bros bonusesSpinner Bros review and discountSpinner Bros review in detailSpinner Bros ultimate reviewSpinner Bros couponSpinner Bros demoSpinner Bros demo review

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