Voice Lesson Concepts from Nashville Voice Trainers

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Kim Franca is a voice trainer in Nashville, TN, USA. We understand all the concepts of voice training. O we have suggested some of them here.


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Voice Lesson Concepts from Nashville Voice Trainers:

Voice Lesson Concepts from Nashville Voice Trainers Voice Trainer in Nashville Tn , USA

Radio Sessions:

Radio S essions The Boom Box trend is back in Nashville thanks to the Nashville voice trainers. The radio sessions every Saturday encourage the singers and students to present their progress in front of the local community. Much like a Coke Studio rendition, the radio sessions are not only a therapeutic relief to hundreds of ardent listeners but also a cheap method of analyzing the performance of each artist and performer . No points for guessing that singers love the attention they get over radio programs every time.

Studio Recordings:

Studio R ecordings The special attention to vocal flaws actually comes in the studio performances. Hours of crooning in class finally takes shape in the studio recordings. The voice lessons include singing with percussion instruments at first and then gradually consolidate towards techno and electronic music. The most astonishing feature of the studio recordings is the variation in voice achieved between tenor, baritone and mild husky speech. Ask the emcees who are creating magic all round the world with their control on emotions!


Auditorium Singing in auditorium is nothing short of a Grammy performance. It involves working and coordinating with Symphony and band masters. The auditorium session is a true test on the nerves as it involves singing solo as well in chorus with rapidly changing frequencies and voice texture.

Singing in Crowd:

Singing in Crowd It is the quickest way to earn some fans over the street. The voice lessons in Nashville are not limited to classroom sessions. The voice trainers explore every opportunity to expose the students to natural ambience available in the form of parks, lakes and of course the bustling city centre . It is a confidence booster for the fresh students who learn a few things on controlling the shaky voice even in crowd.

Fun in the Bathroom :

Fun in the Bathroom Everybody can sing in the bathroom. But the V oice T rainers Nashville insist on getting the voice recordings. Reason: it is a comfortable place to sing and the bare voice can be modulated in any form as per the music Director’s choice. The inventive voice is often attributed to the bathroom singing encouraged by the teachers in vocal lessons in Nashville. It includes whispering, whistling and even thumping the voice cords for a reverberating effect which can be recreated in the studio with enough training.

Contact – Kim Franca:

Contact – Kim Franca Address - "336 Lakemont Circle , Franklin, TN 37067 USA Phone - 813.390.0414 Email Address - kim@kimfranca.com Web - http:// www.kimfranca.com

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