Navratri The Nine Nights in Udaipur with VNV Tours


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Navratri : The Nine Nights in Udaipur with VNV Tours :

Navratri : The Nine Nights in Udaipur with VNV Tours


India is a land of festivals. Every now and then, every month and even seen deeply then Indians celebrates some or other festival every day. Out of these many festivals “ NAVRATRI ”  is a huge festival and one of the longest celebrated festivals in India. This festival is dedicated to worship the Hindu deity ‘Goddess Durga ’. Navratri Celebrations In Udaipur: The City of Lakes celebrates every festival and every occasion with a basket full of enthusiasm and devotion. In every corner of the city it is celebrated in a different way. But one thing common is “GARBA”. Garba is a traditional dance of Gujarat which is usually carried out during the festival of navratri . In every area and every street of city huge Pandals are decorated with the establishment of the idol of Goddess Durga and Garba / Dandiya is played for next nine days. One of the biggest platforms during navratri and the biggest idol of goddess Durga are established in Sutharwada . Many devotees from all over the city reach there to take a glimpse of the grand decoration and the breathtaking celebrations of navratri . In these nine days devotees go and visit various temples throughout the city mainly Neemach Mata, Ambamata , Bedla Mata, Karni Mata, Kalka Mata etc. Temples of high devotion like Asawara Mata, Untala mata ( vallabhnagar ), Idana Mata, Barwasan Mata, Jhankla Mata etc which are out of city are also visited by devotees in huge numbers.


If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan around the time of navratri then you must ensure you stay over at Udaipur. The famed city of Lakes has many different ways of celebrating navratri but garba remains common across these . You will find numerous pandals around the city that host dandiya functions. Of late, there are innovative ways of playing dandiya or organizing garba . From disco dandiya to DJ dandiyas , Rajasthan is sure know how to work the magic around Navratri . Not may know that Sutharwada in Rajasthan is famed for its Navratri celebrations as well. The place attracts tourists and devotees from around the world who make it a point to visit in order to soak into the astounding decorations, lights and Durga idols . In addition, tourists find the Untala Mata temple at Vallabhnagar a not-to-be-missed attraction given the grand scale of puja performed here during navratri in Rajasthan.

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