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Download Free VLC media Player:

Download Free VLC media Player

Introduction to Software: VLC media Player:

Introduction to Software: VLC media Player VLC Media Player is used mainly for Video playback (anything from .AVI files to .WMV files to DVD Movies), as well as audio files. The main attraction of VLC Media Player is that it plays almost any format of audio/video out of the box and various streaming protocols, whereas more traditional software likes Windows Media Player.

Advantages of VLC media player:

Advantages of VLC media player Vlc player play any format or any codec. In might even read disk images (iso) and play directly. VLC has a built equalizer for both audio and image that can significantly improve the image and audio quality. VLC comes in with dozens of audio and video filter that you can apply to alter the output. VLC can record the streaming media to an external file and save it in the hard disk. VLC takes least amount of processing memory. VLC is faster in loading and good for technical experts.

Shortcut Keys for VLC Media Player:

Shortcut Keys for VLC Media Player VLC is not only one of the most useful and powerful media players out there, it is also one of the easiest to use. Everything you need to know about keyboard shortcuts that will make your life so much easier while using the program. It’s lightweight and interface is pretty simple, easy for even first time users.

List of Shortcut keys:

List of Shortcut keys [M] Mute On/Off [Ctrl] + [Up arrow] Turn Volume up [Ctrl] + [Down arrow] Turn Volume Down [Ctrl] + [Up arrow] Volume Up [Ctrl] + [Down arrow] Volume Down [Ctrl] + [H] Subtitle Delay Up [Ctrl] + [J] Subtitle Delay Down [T] Show time Played/time left [Ctrl] + [Q] Quit program [F] Full screen mode

Slide 6:

[Ctrl] + [P] Playlist [Ctrl] + [M] Messages [Ctrl] + [I] Stream and Media info [Ctrl] + [A] Open capture device [Ctrl] + [W] Streaming and Transport Wizard [Ctrl] + [X] / [Ctrl] + [Q] Exit [Ctrl] + [V] VLM control [Ctrl] + [G] Extended GUI [Ctrl] + [B] Bookmarks [Ctrl] + [S] Preferences [Ctrl] + [O] Quick open file [Ctrl] + [O] Open directory

Slide 7:

[Ctrl] + [D] Open disk [Ctrl] + [N] Open network stream [N] Next item [P] Previous item [Shift] + [Left Arrow] Very Short Backwards jump [Alt] + [Left arrow] Backwards jump [Alt] + [Right arrow] Forward jump [Ctrl] + [Left arrow] Medium backwards jump [Ctrl] + [Right arrow] Medium forward jump [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Left arrow] Long backwards jump [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Right Arrow] Long Forward jump [Ctrl] + [U] Selected previous DVD chapter [Ctrl] + [D] Selected Next DVD Chapter

Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy Our first and foremost concern is the user's privacy and safety. We, at VLC-Video have placed various rules by which we operate, and are there for one purpose only - to protect our users, and to give them the very best service and software, while maintaining the highest level of privacy and respect. VLC Video pledges to you that it will never spam you, force you to install 3rd party software on your system or harm your online privacy in any way. VLC Video is not a spyware. VLC Video does not collect personally identifiable or non-personally identifiable information. We do collect aggregate data about the way users use our website. VLC Video is not Spyware, Adware or any type of Ware other than Software VLC Video is 100% Safe & Secure!

Get The Best Video Player in the world - VLC :

Get The Best Video Player in the world - VLC VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats. It is a long-time open-source favorite. offer 100% free download VLC media player. Price: Free Browsers: IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera Operating system : Windows XP/Vista/7/2000/Mac OS X

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Contact US If you want to comment on: Our website Our software Our privacy policy Anything else Just use the form below to drop us a quick line! We promise to read everything! Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message For more information visit here:

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