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What is tobacco?:

What is tobacco? A green, leafy plant that is grown in warm climates. After it is picked, it is dried, ground up, and used in different ways, it can be smoked in a cigarette, pipe, or cigar. It can be chewed or sniffed through the nose.


TOBACCO CONTAINS NICOTINE, a natural pesticide. 4800 chemicals. 40 cancer causing agents. 500 poisons.

uses of nicotine:

uses of nicotine Nowadays, NICOTINE is used in different ways. It is used as a Cigarette, Cigar, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco or sniffed through the nose. Use results in emotional dependence and users rely on it to control emotional responses to everyday life.


NICOTINE Poisonous. More addictive than cocaine and heroine. So powerful that farmers can’t use it to kill insects. Legal addiction.

How it affects?:

How it affects? Nicotine, this chemical in cigarettes makes tobacco addictive. Once we smoke, chew, or sniff tobacco, it goes into our bloodstream, and our body wants more. Because nicotine is a stimulant, it speeds up the nervous system, so we feel like we have more energy. It also makes the heart beat faster and raises blood pressure.


WHY PEOPLE START SMOKING? Most smokers started when they were teens saying that they “ just want to try it. ” The tobacco industry ’ s ads, price breaks, and other promotions for its products are a big influence in our society . A newer influence on tobacco use is the e-cigarette. These are a great way for new users to learn how to inhale and become addicted to nicotine.


SECOND HAND SMOKE ( SHS) Tobacco not only imperils the health of those who are actively smoking but also those around them who breathe the smoke. It is responsible for at least 600,000 deaths/year among non smokers . ƒ Pregnant women exposed to SHS are at higher risk of preterm birth.

Is smoking tobacco really addictive? :

Is smoking tobacco really addictive? Addiction is mental or emotional dependence on a substance. Nicotine is the known addictive substance in tobacco. Regular use of tobacco products leads to addiction in many users. Nicotine is a drug that occurs naturally in tobacco and it ’ s thought to be as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

Tobacco: A peril to health:

Tobacco: A peril to health About 1.3 billion people use tobacco in some form . The majority smoke manufactured cigarettes. Tobacco use kills more than 15,000 people a day .. In India, an estimated 26 % of all adults, or 75% of tobacco users, use smokeless products.

Disease caused by tobacco :

Disease caused by tobacco Tobacco causes at least 16 different types of cancer. It is most closely associated with lung cancer. Smokeless tobacco causes oral and other cancers, hypertension and heart disease. ƒSmoking increases the risk of heart disease and stroke by two to four times. Cancerous tumor in the lung Small cell cancer in Smoker’s lung Healthy lungs

Tobacco health effects:

Tobacco health effects Tobacco kills more Indians each year than Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin, Suicide, Car Accidents, Fires, etc.

Nicotine: hard habit to quit:

Nicotine: hard habit to quit On a milligram for milligram basis, is 10 times more potent than heroin as an addictive substance. Pack/day smoker estimates 6 doses (puffs)/ cigarette. Is equal to 43,800 doses per year! Breathing and Blinking are the few behavior that occur more often.

What can you do?:

What can you do? If you smoke, quit as soon as possible! Do not allow smoking inside your home or car – protect others from Secondhand smoke. Get involved with tobacco awareness campaigns – let others know about the risk!

How to quit using tobacco?:

How to quit using tobacco? Focus on all the thing that you do not like about using tobacco. Set a Target Date to quit. Know what to expect and understand that quitting is not easy but it is possible. Expect to experience pressures on using tobacco when you feel stress.



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