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Internet is a wonderful thing, which gives us many sorts of benefits that were just not possible earlier. Let us learn more about INTERNET of THINGS (IoT).


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WHAT IS INTERNET of THINGS IoT Learn More About It You might be reading this blog on mobile tablet or a desktop. Right But one thing is common that all these devices are connected to the internet. MEANING OF IoT Internet is a wonderful thing which gives us many sorts of benefits that were just not possible earlier. Earlier through a phone you could only call or text but now you can watch movies play games read a book etc. on the phone. All these things are possible just because of internet. In short earlier there was cell phone but now it has become smart phone. Internet of Things IoT in simple terms is an ecosystem of digital devices that are connected and can be accessed through internet. The ‘Thing’ in IoT could be anything like a person with heart monitor or an automobile with built in sensors. Simply it means devices or objects that have been assigned an IP address and has the capability to transfer data through a network without any manual help or without any human intervention. The installed technology in the devices helps it to interact with inside situation or the outside environment which ultimately affects the decision taken. Why IoT IoT is necessary because it provides people and businesses better insight into and control over most of the objects and environment that are beyond the reach of internet. Thus allowing businesses and people to stay connected to the world and to do more meaningful sensible higher-level work. In the Internet of Things all the devices or things that are connected to the internet can be put into three categories:  Things that Receive Information and Act on It We all know about it that machines collect information and then act upon it. The examples

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are endless for it like a car receiving signal from car keys and the door opens or printer receives a document and prints it.  Things that Collect Information and Send It It simply means sensors. The sensor along with internet connection allows to automatically collect/gather data/information from the environment which ultimately allows us to make smart and intelligent decisions. Just as our smelling touching hearing tasting etc. senses allow us to sense the world similarly sensor allow machines to sense the world/environment.  Things that Do Both The real fun is when things can do both the above mentioned things. Real power of Internet of Things IoT arises then. SCOPE OF IoT IoT has the ability to connect various devices installed in different systems to the internet. When any device/thing can represent itself digitally then they can be controlled from anywhere in the world. This connectivity then helps us collect more data from more places ensuring increased efficiency and IoT security and app safety through enhanced Mobile App Security. CONCLUSION IoT is a force that allows companies to improve the results or performance through IoT analytics and IoT security. The scope of IoT will keep expanding as there are many New IoT Trends and things waiting to come aboard in coming near future. --------------------------------------------------------The end. ------------------------------------------------------ Vkreate - Where Technology is driven by Kreative minds http://www.vkreate.in/ Here is all about Internet of Things IoT. It is all about extending the power of internet beyond smartphones and computers to a whole new range of things environments and processes.

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