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Learn the basic definition of WEB DEVELOPMENT from Vkreate. - Beginners guide to web development. The work involved in the website creation is web development.


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WHAT IS WEB DEVELOPMENT Web Development in simpler terms means to build/create and maintain a website on the internet World Wide Web or an intranet private network for having ones digital presence/online presence. The work involved in the website creation is known as web development. In other words web development is what goes on behind the scenes of what you see as a great looking website with a good loading speed and a satisfying user experience. It has various parts such as web design database management web publishing and web programming. Web development can range from a single static page of plain text website to a complex web- based applications electronic businesses and social network services. WEB DEVELOPER and WEB DESIGNER A web developer technically is a person who writes the web scripts in various languages such as PHP ASP. He may also help in maintaining and updating the database used by a dynamic website. Web designer is a person who designs the user interface of a website using coding languages such as CSS HTML. While the terms “web developer” and “web designer” are often used synonymously but do not have the same meaning technically. Web developer might be involved in designing a website too but a web designer only works on designing the user interface of a website. METHODS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT There are several methods and tools available for creating websites but usually confusion arises between simplicity and customization. It means to decide whether one wants to have a simple static website or fully customized one. Therefore big businesses have a dedicated team of web developers for creating and maintaining their websites because they opt to have a customized website. While small businesses tend to choose a solution like WordPress that provides a basic website template and CMS.

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CLASSIFICATION OF WEB DEVELOPMENT Broadly the field of web development is broken down into: 1. Front-end Development 2. Back-end Development Front-end Development: A front-end developer is a person who takes care of the layout design and interactivity of a website using coding languages such as CSS HTML and JavaScript. They take ideas from the drawings of the UI designer and make it into a reality. Whatever we see and use the dropdown menus the text etc. overall the visual aspect of the website are all brought together by the front-end developer. The developer writes down a series of codes and programmers to structure and bind the elements together to make them look good and he also adds interactivity to the website. Back-end Development: A back-end developer is a person who handles all behind the scenes of the website. It consists of the server that hosts the website an application that runs it and a database to contain the data. The data is also stored here without this data there would not be any front- end. WHAT ABOUT FULL-STACK DEVELOPMENT Full- stack development means the development that includes both the frontend and backend development. So a person who learns both the skills becomes a full-stack developer. Naturally to become a full-stack developer more time is required as there is more to learn. So the first step is to decide which aspect of web development interests you and then start out with one programming language to learn and go ahead with web development. For More Technical Blogs Visit VKREATE Where Technology is driven by Kreative minds. Beginners guide to web development. The work involved in the website creation is web development. Learn the basic definition of WEB DEVELOPMENT from Vkreate. AI PHP JS PYTHON JAVA HTML CSS WebDesignAndDevelopmentCompany

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