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Effective communication : 

Effective communication

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Research shows, communication is… www.carehr.com 3

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www.carehr.com 4

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www.carehr.com 5

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Good Communication can’t exist without honest listening We do not try HARD to get our message across We do not take advantage of various media available to us We all could improve our communication skills It cannot be perfected www.carehr.com 6 Some Truths about Communication…

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Ways & effects of Communication www.carehr.com 7 More Flexible, Less Accurate but responsive (Grapevine/Rumors) Informal Less Flexible, More Accurate but less responsive (JAGRITI…) Formal

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What is Communication… art of getting your message across effectively through: www.carehr.com 8 Visuals – leaves greatest impact Body Language – can make or mark Spoken words – first & simplest way Written words – reflects importance

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Types & Methods www.carehr.com 9 Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Internet… Multimedia Photographs, Paintings, Videos, Film… Visuals Facial expressions, Actions, Voice Tone, Silence, Stance… Gestures Conversations, Interviews, Phone Calls, Requests… Spoken Letters, Memos, Reports… Written

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Communication : The Flow 10 Sender Receiver www.carehr.com

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www.carehr.com email: carehrd@gmail.com Communication process 11 www.carehr.com

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Is scarcer than quality water Is measured by results or actions Does not need to be very complex Is aimed at informing others Is complete and clear www.carehr.com 12 Effective Communication…

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Barriers to Effective Communication… Personal Barriers Your style and character (rude, polite, shy, outspoken) Preparation & presentation Lack of clarity (pronunciation, pitch, etc.) Lack of credibility Timing 13 www.carehr.com

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Barriers to Effective Communication… Proper Pronunciation Communication Help Pen Buffalo Career Guest Colonel Buffet Bouquet Rendezvous Bulb Fax Prakash Pradeep Chandrajeet www.carehr.com 14

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Barriers to Effective Communication… Organizational Barriers Culture Environment Size & structure Pace of activity www.carehr.com 15

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Barriers to Effective Communication… Process Barriers Channel/Medium Irrelevant Information loading Lack of Response or Feedback Inappropriate Questions www.carehr.com 16

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Overcoming the Barriers… Say to yourself, “I will get Response” Come up with a topic for discussion everyday Start improving upon pronunciation Develop habit of reading – start with the English newspaper / Comics Understand first, then communicate Don’t be afraid of asking questions www.carehr.com 17

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www.carehr.com 18 Body Language…

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SPEAKING SKILLS 19 www.carehr.com

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Speaking… “A wise man reflects before be speaks; a fool speaks, and then reflects on what he has uttered.” - French Proverb. www.carehr.com 20

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Take initiative Be polite Be pleasant (smile, jokes) Be clear and concise (tone, accent, emphasis, pronunciation) Cite negative opinions honestly, but in a positive manner Seek Feedback www.carehr.com 21 While Speaking…

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Write down in advance what you want to say and in what order Smile Speak slowly Always be polite and friendly For long messages, follow a script Get confirmation Monitor your time www.carehr.com 22 While Speaking over phone…

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WRITING SKILLS www.carehr.com 23

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Clarity in Writing… Rs 1000000000 Rs. 10,00,00,000/- Rs. 10 Crore www.carehr.com 24

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www.carehr.com 25 Plan what you want to say in your letter/ report While Writing… Use simple language – avoid ambiguous words Check spelling & punctuation, then send Reread the letter when you have finished

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www.carehr.com 26 While Writing… “KISS” (Edit the letter by cutting ruthlessly). Be kind to others’ eyes (font size, clarity) Be creative (use tables, graphs) Use the language YOU are better at

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Visualize the reader when you are writing Don’t write unbroken paragraphs Use numbered paragraphs to make cross-referencing easier Punctuation plays the role of body language in writing www.carehr.com 27 Keep in mind while writing

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Use headings and subheadings. Use ruled sheets instead of plain ones. Don’t print without thoroughly checking your sources. www.carehr.com 28 Keep in mind while writing …

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LISTENING SKILLS www.carehr.com 29

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Listening – why is it important? www.carehr.com 30 Writing Reading Speaking Listening Order in which we are taught Order in which we learn 9% 16% 30% 45%

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to receive information to understand effectively to enhance clarity to empathize www.carehr.com 31 Objective of Listening is…

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Avoid distractions Do not interrupt unnecessarily Be active (show interest) Paraphrase what you’ve heard Throw an echo www.carehr.com 32 So, while Listening…

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The Listener keeps looking at the speaker The Listener’s body is in ‘open’ position The listener is smiling with a pleasant & encouraging expression Listener looks relaxed but alert, neither tense nor slouching Listener utters humming sounds 33 What Listening Looks like... www.carehr.com

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www.carehr.com 34 PRESENTATION SKILLS

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Research (find out facts & figures) Prepare (Introduce, Discuss, Conclude) Rehearse Be confident Present Use proper media www.carehr.com 35 While Presenting…

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Presentation Skills while appearing for an interview. Your Dressing sense (Males & Females), Documents needed to be carried, Your body language (while standing, while sitting, while walking), Your attitude (Soberness, Soft words, avoid western accent), Your Confidence (while talking, body movements, aggression, etc). EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS www.carehr.com email: carehrd@gmail.com 36 www.carehr.com

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5 styles of communicating to manage conflicts www.carehr.com 37 “Go for it” You feel confident but uncooperative You win and other person loses “Run Away” You don’t feel confident or cooperative You lose “Yes, Boss” You feel cooperative but unconfident You let the other person win “Let’s Trade” You feel partly cooperative & confident You both win a bit and lose a bit “Let’s both win” Mutual Cooperation & Confidence You help one another to win

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“I HEAR, I forget I SEE, I remember I DO, I understand”


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