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Why did they switch from BB to Android ? THE REASON?

Strengths of Blackberry:

Strengths of Blackberry The Blackberry Hub Touch Keyboard Smooth Experience High level of Security

Weakness Of Blackberry:

Weakness Of Blackberry Inability to market the product Dependent on government and corporate contracts Poor presence in tablet market Less number of applications Very highly priced


Opportunities Growth of tablet and smartphone markets.  Strong growth of mobile advertising market.  Increasing demand of cloud based services Obtaining patents through acquisitions. 


Challenges Rapid technological change.   Saturated smartphone markets in developed countries . Increased competition for government contracts.  

The Downfall:

The Downfall Dependent on government and corporate contracts. Poor presence in the tablet market . Inability to market the Brand Rapid Technological change Not willing to embrace new hardware formats


Continued.. Not recognized much earlier that consumer desires were changing. Could have made more fundamental changes to its operating system. Did not recognize the shift Low amount of Apps High pricing

Solutions :

Solutions Develop a strategic marketing plan and align it with sales Attract visionary product-creation relationships Create an iconic product Focus on strengths and eliminate weaknesses

Is BlackBerry not caring for its suppliers ?:

Is BlackBerry not caring for its suppliers ? Waves are like Anti-blackberry Dealers are not qualified to explain the customers They are focusing less on dealers.

Three factors that make a consumer loyal?:

T hree factors that make a consumer loyal? Touch & Qwerty Keypad BBM secured & Whatsapp unsecured One - Touch access

By going private, Blackberry may buy time to fix itself :

By going private, Blackberry may buy time to fix itself Private or public, BlackBerry's still lack in the race of technology. A tentative deal to take blackberry ltd, private is just a temporary comfort zone for the company in order for it to buy some time. No long term strategy, it created just a professional lucrative market

The Z10 issue:

The Z10 issue Released delayed High price Expectation f the people where not met . Still a pplications were less compared others


S olutions EMI options ( no bank collaborations ) Increase profit margin for retailers Use social media for marketing Aggressive marketing Manage your reputation.  


Solutions Free accessories Improve the applications and games China market, the biggest market should be tapped Better knowledge about the product to the retailers Continue to focus and promote security.  


Solutions Rapid technological change Improve the overall costing of certain falls Battery life needs improvement Restructure the team.   Operate profitably. 


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Presentation by :- Vishesh Dalal Aditya Rawal Dhiren Ahuja Kunal Khatwani Sanjay Rohra Monisha Bhatia Karan Bhatia Vidhi Parmar

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