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how can i download this presentation..

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CLICK TO ADVANCE SLIDES ♫ Turn on your speakers! Tommy's Window Slideshow I Thank You Lord… --Author Unknown (Translated from Spanish)

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… for all the blessings you gave me this year. … for the sunny days and for the sad, cloudy days. … for the peaceful afternoons and the long, dark nights. Thank you for health and sickness, for the sorrows and joys I had this year. I Thank You Lord…

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Thank you for all the things you lent me and then took back again. Thank you, Lord, for the friendly smiles and helping hands, for the love I received and all wonderful things. For the flowers and stars, for children and loving souls.

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Thank you for the loneliness, for work, for difficulties and problems, for uncertainties and tears because all these brought me closer to You. Thank you for preserving my life, for supplying shelter, food and all my needs.

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Whatever you wish, My Lord … I ask only that you grant me faith to see you in everything that comes my way, Hope & Courage to not give up, And Love… more love for you each day and for those around me. What awaits me this Year?

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Give me Patience, Humility, Yieldness and a Giving Heart. Give me, Lord, what you know is good for me and that which I know not how to ask.

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Grant me an obedient heart and a listening ear, an alert mind and active hands so that I may yield to your desire and submit to your perfect will for my life. Pour out Your blessings over all my loved ones and bring peace to the hearts of men. Amen. IF YOU LIKED THIS POWERPOINT SHOW, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.

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