Happy Valentine’s Day

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By: rajanikanthangari (112 month(s) ago)


By: rajanikanthangari (112 month(s) ago)


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Happy Valentine’s Day

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We Are Friends

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If I could create the perfect friend, One of my own design, A friend to be my companion, A friend for a Valentine, I’d build her with a giving heart Filled with kindness, too, A friend who’s also lots of fun, But I've already got one--you!

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You are my hearts desire, The one which I adore. My eyes are seeing happiness, My heart sees even more.

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You have unlocked my heart, My love now flows forever. What we have is scared, And will change us for the better.

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Looking to the future, With a smile now on my face. I no longer see the bleakness, But growing love at such a pace..

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I have waited such a long time, To find a love like you. Now that you are with me, I’ll have love in all I do.

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In the week that I have known you, I was scared you were a dream. But now I know you are for real, I’m the cat which has the cream.

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Our love will last forever, Of that I am so sure. Two families come together, With a love which is so pure..

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Lamhe judai ke bekarar kerte hain, Haalat mere mujhe laachar karte hain, Aankhe Neha ki pad lo kabhi, Ham khud kaise kahe ki aapse pyaar karte hain. Mere pyaar ka hisaab jo lagaoge, To mere pyar ko behisaab paoge, Paani ke bulbule sa hai mera pyar, Zara si thes lagi to dhundte rehjaoge.

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Neha Me.neha1221@gmail.com Apna Khayal Rakhna

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