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SAM'S STORY Victoria, Australia February 7, 2009 Slides advance automatically

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Sam lived in bushland like this. . .

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before it was ravaged by bush fires. . . . since her photos were flashed around the world, she Has become AUSTRALIA'S Most famous KOALA

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A bewildered and badly burned koala, Sam is comforted by country fire authority volunteer, david tree who rescued her after deadly fires swept through areas of mirboo north. . .

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Thirsty. . . . rescuer David gives Sam some water. the koala, who suffered second and third degree burns to her paws, was taken to southern ash wildlife shelter, south-east of melbourne. . .

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WITH TLC, SAM HAS HER PAINFUL FEET bandaged at the shelter. . .

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ESkimo kiss - david tree is reunited with sam for the first time since her rescue. koalas can identify people they know from their scent, and sam was at ease with david immediately.

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old buddies. . .DAVID spends some time with sam in the comfort of the shelter. . .

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Enter bob. . .he was also taken to the shelter, after his feet were scorched in the inferno. . .

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Love at first sight. . .

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Bob puts his paw around his new friend and fellow fire survivor, sam, as she recovers from her burns. . .

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side by side, the two koalas were given painkillers when they first arrived at the shelter, but are coping without them, now. . .

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protective. . . bob hugs girlfriend, sam, as they huddle together in their cage. . .

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lucky - sam and bob are a sign of hope, so many other animals didn't make it out of the inferno alive. . .


TO BE CONTINUED ? Photos from the melbourne herald-sun whose Excellent coverage gave us these touching photos Music: “If tomorrow never comes” - phil coulter

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