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Vivo Wellness Infrared jade sauna pod better than a traditional sauna, because Our infrared sauna pod use infrared light to warm your body directly also portable infrared sauna can operate at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna.


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In today’s hectic world, We do not take care of ourselves. For this reason we get strange weird diseases. Such as obesity, blood pressure, skin problem and etc. The good news is you can cleanse this buildup of toxins and eventually remove them with Vivo Wellness portable infrared sauna pod regular Therapy.

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Health Benefits: 1. Reduces Stress and Fatigue 2. Relieves Pain and Inflammation 3. Detoxifies the Body 4. Improves Lymphatic Circulation 5. Strengthens Immune System 6. Muscular-skeletal Challenges 7. Circulatory Problems 8. Sleep Disturbance 9. Digestive Disturbance 10. Improves Skin 11. Ulcers 12.0Cellulite Reduction

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Contact Media : Name : Albert Shaouli Company / organization Name : Vivo Wellness Phone : 323-888-1000 Mail : Web : Social Media : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Pinterest :

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