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What is international development. How is it derived from underlying Christian values?


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International Development:

And the KINGDOM of GOD International Development Equality Equity Justice Freedom


In the Beginning… If there is no beginning there is no ending, so there is no development. HE HOVERED OVER CHAOS, AND FORMED… The cycles of Hinduism do not lead to development. DEVELOPMENT IS PART OF A RATIONALISTIC MODERNITY WHICH BUILDS FROM CHRISTIAN ROOTS DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPS FROM THE SCRIPTURES

Secular Definition of Economic Development:

…increasing GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Secular Definition of Economic Development …making life better for all Secular Definition of Development


For all??? Egalitarian, Equity, Equality Or Benefitting the nations wealthy? An ideal??? Politicians Platitudes? Or realism? A Better Life? What does a better life look like ??? DEBATABLE DEVELOPMENT


The Kingdom of God is the rule and reign of God, for the redemption of humanity and restoration of creation – Dyrness The Kingdom of God is the highest good - Rauschenbusch. Development is the extension of his Kingdom in redemption of humanity and restoration of creation. Secular Development theory is a reflection of the principles of the Kingdom of God into societal structures.


Development is a natural belief of the enlightenment. Rationality can change the world for the better, utilizing all the advances of science and technology, democracy and social organization, rationalized ethics and values. Economic growth (GDP) may produce development. Or it may channel money to the rich – a travesty for developmentalist ethics.


Postmodernist Critiques of Development Growth? Or the conditions for production and Distribution that improve the environment And liberate humanity. Human emancipation (Development as Freedom – Sen ). Or increasing control by ruling classes over human production and freedoms. But are modernity, reason, consumption good? Is development theory best in terms of theory, but the worst in terms of actuality?

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