520-14 Empowerment, Deliverance & Healing


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The Spirit not indwells but he, at times, grants special anointing. What are the dynamics and phenomenology connected with this. How does this relate to the ongoing work of the ministry.


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Empowerment, Deliverance, Healing:

Empowerment, Deliverance, Healing Viv Grigg Lifelong Pilgrimage

Jesus Empowers when he Sends:

Jesus Empowers when he Sends Matt 28:18-20 is a promise of empowerment as we exercise apostolic mobility and evangelistic intent It is not a verse in isolation but a linkage of major themes in the gospels and Acts. It leads logically to three questions Have you experienced his empowering? What are the marks of that empowering? Is there a process to empowerment?


Empowerment A popular term in community development and more so in community organization. It implies facilitating emergence of leadership, so they can garner resources wand withstand those who are oppressing them. Enabling leaders to garner social, economic and political capital to face powers of oppression


Empowerment Is there a deeper level of empowerment? One that enables leaders to tap into divine resources? One that builds spiritual, moral, relational capital among the people? One that sets people free from demons, sicknesses, curses, bondage, destructive fears? Is empowerment at the spiritual core of the culture in the long term (a) more sustainable (b) more transformative (c) faster than other approaches?

Contextual Spirituality:

Contextual Spirituality The nature and presence of the Holy Spirit and his works becomes more critical when dealing with a culture of spiritism. Understanding the context becomes critical Who Are The Filipino? Indian? African? Spirits? What is the hierarchy? How do you deal with these?

Traditional Bathala, Abba:

Traditional Bathala, Abba Upper World Gods (Anitos) Good Bad Lower World spirits Aswang Dwende, Kapre, Tikbalang Human Medium: Babaylan, Albularyo, Manghuhulan Catholic Diyos Almighty Distant God Angels Santos Demonios Saints Idols Priests A Gospel Presentation: God’s Power vs. Spirit’s Power

Traditional View Bathala, Abba:

Traditional View Bathala , Abba Upper World Gods (Anitos) Good Bad Lower World spirits Aswang Dwende, Kapre, Tikbalang Medium: Babaylan, Albularyo, Manghuhulan Christian View Almighty loving God All Powerful Holy Spirit Upper Heavens Superintending Angel Angelic messengers Believers rule over Demonic Spirits Believers have direct access to God Biblical View

Empowerment: Holy Spirit & Our Spirit:

Empowerment: Holy Spirit & Our Spirit Is there empowerment without going? Is there empowerment without preaching? Is empowerment based on holiness? Why does it occur after fasting? (Jesus, Moses, Daniel) Is the laying on of hands significant? (Jesus, Timothy) Can power be inherited from others? (Elisha, Joshua, Timothy)

Deliverance, Healing:

Deliverance, Healing Are these signs of spirituality? Are these part of spirituality? Are these an essential part of our spirituality? Why Do they wax and wane?


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