Top Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony!

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Here are the top reasons and some wedding ceremony tips on why an unplugged wedding ceremony is something that you can consider if you are planning to tie the knot in 2020!


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Top Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony V I V E K K R I S H N A N P H O T O G R A P H Y w w w v i v e k k r i s h n a n . c o m

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w w w v i v e k k r i s h n a n . c o m Unplugged weddings have been a trending topic in the wedding industry for the last few years. What is essentially an unplugged wedding ceremony An Unplugged wedding is a couple mutually decide not to include cameras digital media and other social media platform in the wedding ceremony. While some couples would rather have their guests submit all electronic devices at the entry point some may just want privacy during the wedding ceremony. But what is the harm if guests want to click photos of the wedding ceremony and upload them Here are the top reasons and some tips on why an unplugged wedding ceremony is something that you can consider if you are planning to tie the knot in 2020 Privacy Vs. Public — Over the last few decades advancements in technology like the development and affordability of DSLR cameras the quality of built-in cameras in mobile phones and the immediacy of sharing pictures to the public platform have changed and in today’s world of weddings guests post everything from the bridal entry to the exit on social media. But not all couples may want to have their wedding publicized over social media. Allowing your guests to click images and upload them takes away all the privacy of the couple and their sacred union which is why an unplugged ceremony would work best for them wedding ceremony

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w w w v i v e k k r i s h n a n . c o m Lack Of Interest — Living in the virtual world has its disadvantages. Guests at weddings are more interested in clicking images and videos of themselves or the couple rather than being a part of the wedding ceremony. Social media has taken away all the interest that guests used to have while attending a wedding Without any distraction like smartphones and cameras guest can enjoy the moments of the wedding function. They will be more likely to listen to and remember your wedding better and cheer you on for your first dance rather than experience it through a video they clicked Your Photographer For Wedding Ceremony Will Be Able To Breathe Freely — Do you know how many times we have to cram into the wedding to get the appropriate shot We aren’t kidding The number of friends and family members that are in the face of the couple during the wedding makes it difficult for us to do our job. Being a photographer for wedding ceremony means the couple is paying that professional so giving him or her some room to get photos of the wedding ceremony is crucial. Not having a camera in everyone’s hands means that your for wedding ceremony won’t need to jostle for prime position with some random people be blocked down while taking photo’s. wedding photographer No Interactions — Weddings used to be a place to meet and catch up with distant relatives and friends. Nowadays most guests are either immersed in their phones or in clicking pictures. An unplugged wedding ceremony will allow guests to talk to people around them — which is what used to happen at weddings before. Nowadays Mobile devices are a part of our lives so it is the best idea to keep it switched off for some time.

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w w w v i v e k k r i s h n a n . c o m Some Wedding Ceremony Tips To Consider If You Plan To Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony: Limit the ‘unplugged part’ of your wedding if you aren’t sure about how your guests will feel about it. Arrange for one of your family members to request guests to not use phones to click images just before the ceremony begins at the end of the wedding ceremony Remind your guests through fun signs at your weddings You can also give out thank you leaflets that say — The greatest gift you can give us today is to be truly present so please turn off your devices to enjoy a special moment with us. Early notice is always a good idea Ensure you share your professional photos with everyone afterwards. Most of your guests mean no harm when they want to make some memories. Make sure to chat with your wedding photographer for wedding ceremony about this beforehand and ask for lots of guests shots. Also Check out the Wedding photography packages in Hyderabad

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