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Here, we present how important to perform tradition as well as rituals which is valuable legacy. as that. " Vasudev Kutumbak " also one of the words we gifted by our forefathers. wherever we go we should follow our ritual which is always been for peace, the progress of humanity as well as our. We, Vivek Flowers working to provide all Indian traditional things which enhance celebration of occasion. More expand visit here https://vivekflowers.home.blog/2019/12/02/golu-a-divine-collection/


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About us Offering of fresh fragrant flowers at the lotus feet of the deities and garlanding the idols or the picture of the deities form the main part of the prayer of the Hindus. Several saints like Alwars Nayanmars and Baktha Daasas like Thyagaraja Purnandaradasa have sung and enjoyed the greatness of offering flowers to God chanting their Divya namas. Hindus wherever they may be want to live with their culture. In order to facilitate the Hindus living in the USA to perform all their religious prayers and to celebrate all happy occasions like weddings anniversary engagement etc. Vivek Flowers is your one-stop shop for fulfilling your worshiping needs by bringing you pooja essentials including fresh flower garlands and idols of deities online with many other products. Starting the business few decades ago Vivek Flowers has been continuously serving the Indians living in US with fresh flowers and the pooja items. It has 9 outlets in 4 cities in US. Fresh flowers with the same fragrance at our ancestral homes in India are brought in to US We have many more satisfied customers visiting our stores daily and a high number of happy customers registered for online sales and delivery at their doors. Vivek Flowers.com is awaiting your call to deliver your requirements. To all of our customers - Thank you https://vivekflowers.com/

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Golu means divine presence during the days of Navratri. India is the land of festivals. The famous one among the other festivals is Navratri the most loved festivals of Hindus. During Navratri Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh celebrate Golu. The festival is celebrated all over the motherland post-monsoon season. Golu is also known as Kolu and it is a means of arranging the dolls. Along with dolls and figurines miniatures of everything is displayed on the stairs. You can find Golu dolls in the form of animals people Vishu Krishna or also any other mythological character. Golu – A divine collection https://vivekflowers.com/

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How Golu Dolls are arranged Some people keep nine steps for arranging the Golu while some keep the steps in odd numbers .the importance of 9 steps is that these nine steps represent the Navagrahas. on the tenth day which is Vijayadashmi on that day one doll is symbolically put to sleep while others are packed up for Navratri next year. What is the story behind Golu Many Eons ago a demon named Mahishashur a buffalo demon was creating havoc across the three worlds. No male personality could kill him. A female superpower called Mahadevi was formed to kill the demon. All the gods and goddesses who were present there were constantly transferring their energy to the Mahadevi. https://vivekflowers.com/

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From number of years the tradition is being followed to recreate the same situation by using the Golu dolls. Many dolls are passed as a family legacy and possession from one generation to another. At https://vivekflowers.com/ we have a collection of Golu dolls that will look appealing during your festival and will be great to add to your collection of dolls. https://vivekflowers.com/

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Read the complete story follow the link below: Golu – A divine collection Read Blog: https://vivekflowers.home.blog/2019/12/02/golu- a-divine-collection/ https://vivekflowers.com/

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