Case study on ABC

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Case study on ABC :

Case study on ABC Business Communication Section :2 Group: Sound

Inputs – COP :

Inputs – COP Observations : Problems Demands from union Wages, timings, infrastructure Delivery crisis Next day delivery, customer satisfaction Financial crisis Delayed payment, crisis leak, credit limit, Bank relationship Joint venture Process automation, company target, conflict of interest Hiring decision

Process - COMP:

Process - COMP Labour problem Alternatives Evaluation Introduce m ultiple shifts Increased productivity Capture workplace problems dynamically Immediate address to problems No wage hike Contract still valid Incentives for emergency situations Temporary relief to wage problems

Prioritize problems:

Prioritize problems Analysis Summary2.xlsx

Profit margins:

Profit margins

Why JV:

Why JV Option 1 : Revenue 100 crores CAGR 20% Revenue in 2 years 144 crores Option 2 : US company investing 75 million $ ( 375 crores) Increase in productivity: 3 folds Break even achieved in 3 rd year


Recommendations 1.Renegotiate to supply immediate requirement 2.Discuss and defer by showing steps will be taken 3.Ask for credit(supplier is also in trouble) and give it to babu 4.Hire an MBA 5.Influnce party for JV 6.To maximise prod. Today and minimise tomo.

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